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Don't Quit - Just Do It!
When you are passionate about something and there are hurdles in your way...
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I just tried rebooting my new laptop into Windows 10 (usually I use Ubuntu)

....and I found this in my G+ stream.

Couldn't help but share it...when Windows 10 allowed me to do anything on my laptop.
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Time Stamps for my Study & Review of Book: "The Chimp Paradox" by Prof. Steve Peters

This was streamed LIVE on Sep 23rd 2015 and I am re-sharing this with time stamps. I hope this provides value to some people at least.

02:53 Dr +Mani Saint-Victor (Dr. Mani) explains why understanding our brain and mind is important
04:20 David Leopold - Dreaming With Entrepreneurs
06:20 Vivek explains why he is doing this HOA Series

06:55 Vivek starts a Presentation and reads lines from 'About the Book'. The book is titled "The Chimp Paradox" by Dr. Steve Peters and The Mind Management Programme for Confidence, Success and Happiness.
Vivek reads testimonials by Olympic Gold Medalists for Dr. Steve Peters

08:41 Mindmap - Introduction "The Journey - Choosing the Sun"

09:35 Example Questions

10:28 Part 1 - Your Inner Mind Explored - The Psychological Mind
12:09 Dr. Mani (Manuel) Saint Victor - talks about a 15 minute video presented by Dr. Steve Peters where he gives a simple model and steps to program one's core values and wait for the 'Chimp' to accept it.
12:49 David ties impulsive behaviour (mentioned in Example Questions) with Small Business decisions. Vivek brings up the MindMap slide back on screen.

15:56 Vivek tries to do a screenshare - but due to system glitch nothing appears on YouTube video.

16:30 Simplified human brain - three main parts 1. The Frontal (Human), 2 Limbic (Chimp) and 3. Perital (Computer)
17:08 The Screen Share actually appears! The Mindmap shows up in video!
17:30 The storage area for thoughts and behaviours is called 'The Computer'
18:08 The image used in his TED talk by Dr. Steve Peters

18:45 Brain development in the womb - The Chimp and Human - they introduce themselves by forming connections

19:27 You are not responsible for nature of your Chimp but you are responsible for managing it.

20:24 The Chimp - it is NOT Good or Bad - it is just a Chimp
20:50 The Chimp is the emotional machine - offers emotional thoughts - constructive and destructive

21:34 The Chimp can be your best friend AND your worst enemy - even at the same time - this is the paradox.

21:49 The secret of success and happiness - you need to understand Your Human and not muddle up Your Human with Your Chimp.
22:06 You need to understand how Your Chimp behaves, understand why it thinks and acts the way that it does.
22:16 Learn to live with Your Chimp and not get bitten or attacked by it.

22:34 Panel discussion

27:39 The Divided Planet - Vivek continues his presentation.
28:20 How does Chimp think? With feelings - Not always right, can change quickly. Relies heavily on impressions.

28:46 Emotional Thinking by Chimp
29:15 Rob and his girl friend Sally story at Cinema - The Chimp goes on the attack

31:26 Human way of thinking. Search for facts, establish truth.
31:45 Logical Thinking by Human
32:39 MindMap of Ways of thinking - Chimp, Human, Both Healthy

32:42 Different Agendas of Chimp and Human
32:48 Chimp Agenda MindMap
32:50 Human Agenda MindMap
33:16 Combined Chimp and Human Agendas MindMap

33:50 Modes of Operating
34:45 The Chimp - Jungle Centre - Survival Instincts (Fight, Flight, Freeze). The Chimp takes control unless the Human has already taken control
35:29 Some typical drives of the Chimp
36:41 Male and Female Chimps - they differ.
37:25 Human Male and Human Female don't differ!
38:04 Humanity Centre (as against the jungle centre of the Chimp)
39:43 Big MindMap for Modes of Operating
39:55 Two distinct personalities - You and Your Chimp - recognising this helps in managing both and getting the best of both.
40:26 The Full MindMap

41:00 Discussion - don't beat yourself up - manage your Chimp - you can't kill it. You should NOT try to kill it, nor should you try to control it - but you should manage it.

43:15 How to Manage your Chimp

43:38 Step 1 - You need to recognise who is in charge - Your Chimp or Your Human
44:06 "Do I want..." and complete the sentence. If the answer is 'No' then your Chimp is giving you the thoughts
44:36 Chimps like to go on how they feel to decide on future actions, whereas Humans tend to go on what needs to be done and also how they feel at the end of the day when they look back on how they used their time.

44:58 Step 2 - Understanding the fixed process of how the brain receives information - All information goes to the Chimp first.
45:20 You can't take the power off the Chimp and make decisions
45:53 Chimp processes data and makes an offer to the Human. Human has a choice to accept or reject the offer. Human has the responsibility to pacify the Chimp when the offer is rejected.
47:07 You can't change the nature of your Chimp. BUT you are responsible for managing it.

47:16 Step 3 - How to Manage the Chimp - three ways - first is to exercise the Chimp, second is to Box the Chimp by talking to Chimp using truth and logic, third is to throw bananas to the Chimp
48:31 It may take several repeat episodes of exercising the Chimp and boxing it for any one problem.
48:50 You have to nurture the Chimp only then Manage it
49:14 The Chimp's drives won't change but its behaviours can change
49:21 Chimps like to survive whereas Humans like to have a purpose
49:32 Full big MindMap of Chapter 1 of the book

49:50 Discussion - Dr. Mani says the Map is awesome! David says the individual who created that map (Vivek) is awesome!

51:46 +Kristin Drysdale comments on the Event Page that she felt like the chimp with her Windows 10

53:51 Vivek mentions a lecture watched on the TED Talks "Neurons that fire together wire together"

54:17 Dr. Mani says you want to create a habit of associating your ideas with your environment so that you get the behaviour you want. For example when you come back from work and you tend to lash out at people, you need to disconnect that undesirable behaviour and using the Human in you decide what is the desired outcome and re-wire your brain to fire the new program that gives you the desired outcome.

55:39 Vivek brings up the point that as we age, we need to learn new things to keep the neurons active.

56:48 David asks if that is the explanation for Alzheimer's?

57:05 Dr. Mani agrees and says that when parts of the system are neglected that system atrophies (dies) - and brain gets re-wired differently.
57:19 If you happen to be someone who is angry all the time, your Amygdala grows bigger and stronger.

57:33 David talks about the experience he has with his elderly mother. She is able to hold a brilliant discussion 'in the moment'

58:28 Dr. Mani says that is look forward to a future where they can 'update the software in different parts'. We could bring different parts of the brain 'online' and access the stored memory there!
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Do nationalities matter anymore?

I am unable to say anything more sensible.
When you marry someone, you at least need to know who that person is?
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The purpose of a car is NOT to buy Fuel
In this short video +Simon Sinek Inspires and explains the role of a company, money and the aim of the company.
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Vivekananda Baindoor Rao commented on a post on Blogger.
Don't GDPRdise your Enterprise! - Pun intended

Don't let GDPR jeopardise your business.

Here is a good example of how some famous people are handling GDPR:

This is from Mel Robbins who is a famous TED talker and talks about 5 Minute Rule.
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Got Windows 10? Watch out for this bug with latest Windows Update

The story does not sound good if you have a certain brand of Antivirus software installed on your system.
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Which Ford would you like?
I have a Ford Telstar... :))
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Mystic Eye program with +Sadhguru in Excel London

This was an amazing day!

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How would you react if you end up talking to a robot?
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