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Integrate Simplify Life.
Integrate Simplify Life.

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You create your reality.

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Swan Upping 2017 - An Annual Inventory of Swans

The Swans that we see around river Thames are the property of Royalty. Every year the Swans are captured, numbered, health checked etc.

I happened to be at Marlow Lock when it happened this year. The photos are of the Lock and then the Swan Upping.


+Sadhguru says:
 "The choice is yours – either you wait for people to rejoice when you die, or you spread joy now."

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Someone happens to interview a person who has 2nd highest following on Twitter and ask him "Are you on Twitter?"

Not good.

A moment of stupidity for someone who is otherwise clever?

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Read this article and remembered a writer. That's you +Zara Altair​ 🤗
May be these tools are useful for your writing.

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Wonders of modern life!
I wish I could participate actively today in the video - but I can't.
I am stuck in 'Yugaadi' celebrations - which is 'New Year' for those of us Indians who follow Lunar Calendar.
Added to this is the fact that I am stuck in a place where internet connection is only through my mobile phone and it is not capable of video call.
I wish I could be elsewhere - but that is life!
Wish you all the best with Chipmunk +LowellAnn Fuglsang I shall be monitoring this website and will respond to all comments - if not tonight, tomorrow - it is 9:30pm here.

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Be like a mirror
Says +Sadhguru
If you become extremely logical, you become horribly argumentative about everything in your life. So #meditation is a way of unstringing this.
#yoga #spirituality

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YouTube Events - Lessons I Learnt

1. Open Mind,
2. Throw Away Pre-conceptions,
3. Learn from Everyone and Everywhere

When one has these three ingredients cooking up a great intro is so very easy in my opinion.
I'll try to be present for this event - but it looks like I would be limited by the bandwidth provided by my mobile phone tonight +LowellAnn Fuglsang 

As G-Suite users will be able to use Google Meet in addition to YouTube Live Events, we are in for exciting times!

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If you are seeing Microsoft adverts everywhere on Windows 10, you can say "Huston we have a camel in the tent"

This explains why a Windows 10 PC runs slowly compared to Windows 7.

Well I use Ubuntu so I am sitting pretty!

Here's me wishing 'Many Happy Returns of the Day' to +Molly Youngblood Geiger​ 
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