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I have 7 questions for you

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Google Apps Partially Down
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Mahatma the Great Soul Gandhi said it beautifully. Mere souls like myself can only share the wisdom!
H/t to +Pierre Provost
“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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...simple truth from a very wise man.
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It's Alive!!!

We never had a doubt that Google+ is alive and well and, in fact, our business was launched on G+; however, having our clients read all of the "Google Plus is Dead" stories has made our job a bit harder over the years. Hopefully, this interview with +Dave Besbris on +Re/code will help alleviate the rumors and set the record straight once and for all.

Here are a few of the highlights of the interview, but we definitely recommend that you read it in its entirety:

- Google is very happy with the progression of G+ and they are behind it. 

- Dave said that "people underestimate the connection Google+ has with its users around interests" and that Google is not attempting to compete with other products (likely referencing comparisons between G+ and Facebook). 

- Dave's response to "Of all the social products you have, where does Google+ fall in terms of your priority list?" was "Very high" and that G+ is used by hundreds of millions of users.

What do you think of this interview? If you had concerns, did Dave address them? Is there anything additional you would have asked?
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"Mindfulness meditation relies upon techniques of mental training that suggest that non-judgmental awareness of here-and-now mental or somatosensory experience positively influences accurateness of perception of one's own life experience."

From Mindfulness Meditation and Explicit and Implicit Indicators of Personality and Self Concept Change

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Thanks for resharing, +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao​!
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Can an Entrepreneur just gather information and be successful?
How was Andrew Carnegie so successful in such a short time? 
+Sadhguru emphasises the need to pay attention and answers all these questions.
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3 ways to fine-tune your flow

If you're operating outside your zone of genius then you're leaking power. You're giving undeserved attention to drama, distraction, or obstacles that should just be landmarks and mile markers.

When you want to achieve escape velocity and the momentum to travel with laser-focus at light speed the energy and direction has to come from within.

Tune your intuition to just the right amount of attachment to the environment in 3 layers:

1. Authenticity- I am headed in the right direction. TRUST your core values to make decisions in meaning space. Choose action over activity. Proactivity over reactivity. Purpose driven choices.

2. Competence- I am using relevant environmental feedback to become increasingly effective and efficient. Perform actions that are in your areas of strength and develop an honest awareness of the things you are doing at which you are barely above average...or worst. Man in the mirror style honesty beats ego protection here. Delegate instead of defending so you can focus your energy at getting to eminence, several standard deviations above the next-best thing in the lane you own.

3. Relatedness- I am surrounded by the best in the game. Don't carry a team, rise with one. Surround yourself with a small inner-circle of like-minded, like-visioned, equally talented, equally hungry companions for the journey.

People who not only give you feedback about your progress and the environment but who accelerate your learning by sharing their mistakes and what they learned from them.

People who can sense when you are down and reach down to help you up without keeping you off your pivot.

People who are able to see the future you in your dreams, support the present you in your actions, and cherish the best past you in your shared history and journey.

Authenticity, competence, relatedness.

Mindset, skillset, environment.

Values, attributes, narrative.

Pick your lane.

Hone your flow.

Go where you feel beautiful.

Mani Saint-Victor, M.D.: Break The Cage MD

It's 4:51AM. One-eyed, somnabulistic flow. Done.

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That was BAD ASS!

Thank you!! :-)
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I find many Google Apps Services to be unavailable now

Are you guys seeing similar problems?
Look at this screenshot and the right most column  for Google Drive, Sheets and Slides - they all seem to be down now.
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I was on Drive today shared files, created a sheet. I must have missed the outage.
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White House 'deeply disappointed' by Europe outlawing Silicon Valley

Safe harbor ruling means it's 'open season against American businesses'

Let me give my interpretation of the "legal" language used in this news story.

I am a UK citizen and hence as per the EU Law, my Privacy is my Right. So if anyone shares personal information using services such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, as most of the servers are outside the EU (most of them in the USA - Silicon Valley) the data gets stored on USA soil.

Typically Privacy laws are different between USA and EU.

The Safe Harbour was a 'Plaster' that was applied by companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft to convince citizens within EU that their Private data is safe with the USA based company.

But now the EU has declared this Safe Harbour thing dead - this they say is a direct result of revelations by Edward Snowden about the NSA etc.

So if one applies the EU Laws now very strictly, everyone who is using Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook etc are exposing themselves to illegal activities by these USA based companies - that is what the law says!

This means those who are on this side of the pond should sever connections with those on the other side of the pond and we should all stop using services from the likes of Google and Facebook.

Oh GOD! Where are we going?
Safe harbor ruling means it's 'open season against American businesses'
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It is Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday today

For the well being of humanity, let us all remember him.

+Sadhguru explains how Mahatma Gandhi became the leader of a nation.
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