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Google+ Lightbox - Photo Comments

When viewing photos on Google+, the comment box shows up with a white background. I find that quite distracting when viewing photos and takes away all the advantage of the black background. I hope I'm not the only one that finds this annoying.

Would just be a lot more seamless and less distracting if it were just black (with a slight gradient) with white text.

I've just created a rough mockup of the same below.

Do you find this better than a white background?

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+Vincent Mo
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Absolutely...and obviously...wish we could change all the background colours...all this white makes me feel like I'm in a mental asylum...
+Ash Lizzard I tend to like white text on black a lot more than black text on white too. Especially black backgrounds with slight alpha transparency brings out a really smooth and sleek look.
We shure need tags in google plus (and gdrive) it’s so usefull in gmail…
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