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Seems like Android M breaks detection of foreground apps, which is particularly unfortunate for apps that use overlays and have blacklists for apps that use secure views. :/

Does anyone know if there's an Android library that provides a photopicker, similar to the one within the Google+ app when composing a new post?

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Anyone else getting intense memory leaks on Android 5.0 (Nexus 5 particularly)? I keep getting apps close on me...

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Reverse Halloween!

I'm actually relieved that the Nexus 6 is expensive. It means that I won't be upgrading from a perfectly good phone out of temptation. The Nexus 5 has held up well.

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Well, us Atheists will not go hungry! :P
#CONAN Mono: A diner in North Carolina has taken all the prices off its menu, and has told customers to just pay "What God wants." It turns out God is a cheapskate. More @

What's the legality of sharing a Wear watch face that's very similar to a watch on the market?

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One for my Aussie followers. :P

Lux and Android L

Because of a deprecated API in Android L, the 'sleep list' and compatibility modes in Lux will no longer work. This means that you have to manually disable Lux to sideload an app, or have another app override Lux's brightness setting. If anyone is aware of a way to detect the top running application, please let me know.
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