Siberian Sun
part 2
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In the world of Ingress there are cities shining bright green or blue whenever you look at them. And there are grey cities, where you can hardly find a single portal. But look closer: there are hidden L3 linking points reserved for future operations by the agents who travelled there long ago. Unseen from bird’s eye, they are carefully charged, keys secretly stored. These are ‘sleeper portals’, fragile secret weapon to use for really large scale operations.

If you take a look at Kumertau, you will see nothing there. Hundreds kilometers away from large cities of Orenburg and Ufa, it is mainly known for its helicopter production plant. A single green spark in Kumertau was unnoticable from above. Helicopter in front of the plant – painted blue by strange coincidence. This spark marks the beginning of Transsiberian Shardway.

Siberian Dawn

One more shard in Israel? Another one in Egypt? This is getting interesting. And they stay, they don’t move to Buenos Aires or San Francisco. No surprises here – Middle East is not very stable region, and it is not easy for local agents to cross borders. Getting keys from surrounding countries is hard for them, so they needed to wait until somebody will bring viable keys to link abroad.

But Russians operating there have a great advantage. No visa needed and the borders are transparent for them. They are getting the kind of mobility unavailable for local agents. Can we use it? Sure, we will!

Keys transfers complete, Baku option (sitrep here: becomes real with Kumertau keys, Siberia got a pair too. #Team9   carrying enough XM weapons to win the next Mideast conflict is boarding the plane. November 24, operation ‘Eastern’ starts aiming for two shards in Israel (sitrep here:

12 hours after departure of #Team9   Baku receives shard #12. Russians traded their Understanding for Intuition, but it’s OK. Siberian teams are alerted to move out by the evening. Meanwhile Baku team is preparing what we call ‘launchpad’, high level portal packed with link amps. It is 2000 in Baku and in Moscow when local agents are sending the shard to Kumertau. It’s 2300 in Novosibirsk, where local team arrives to Moshkovo, to control shard arrival. It’s 0100 – and it’s tomorrow already – in Irkutsk, where agents are getting into position.

It may sound fast and smooth, but still it takes a lot of time. Shard arrives to Kumertau, and the link to Novosibirsk is established in the next 5 minutes. Both sides control the shard, then Baku eliminates the link. There’s no way back to warm countries now. Siberia is waiting.

…and waiting. Hours pass slowly ticking through Siberian night. At 05.00 local time the shard finally arrives to Listvyanka, small town near Irkutsk. Novosibirsk team is heading home – it’s 0200 for them. Siberian sun is rising above the horizon when Irkutsk team send the shard to Olkhon island in lake Baikal at 0600 local time. Where it was assumed to be safe for a day.


0919 local time in the morning Irkutsk Resistance agent @Sasvseko was contacted by @Toxyd, who coordinated Resistance for shards race in Russia. At 1130 @Sasvseko was already driving to Olkhon. 1430 he was at the ferry boarding gate and at shard portal at 1656 hacking for keys. At 2200 he was back in Irkutsk gathering the team to build launchpad.

Enlightened of Irkutsk could not get to the shard portal in time – it’s 4 hours drive and ferry is not functioning in the night – but they tried to prevent the hijacking establishing a series of blocking links. But they were too early with this countermeasure, so by the actual time when shard transfer was to be done most of these blockers were destroyed.

At 0239 local time Resistance team arrived to launchpad portal to extract the shard from Olkhon island. At 0352 the link from Tomsk was established and at 0400 Irkutsk time the shard jumped there. Local Resistance have not had far going plans, so they threw the shard to the village of Parabel 450 kms away from the city to store it for the night.

Meanwhile, our second line of defence came into play. Ekaterinburg team lead by +Irina Belousova , agent @Raspberries moved out for 5 hours drive to the distant small town of Severouralsk, which served as transit point for Resistance plans many times before. It could be used again, so we needed to eliminate it in advance and to use it for our own purposes. Packed with keys Ekaterinburg team was able to establish five extremely long blockers to Salekhard, Barabinsk near Novosibirsk and southern cities of Ural region effectively blocking most of the possible ways to the west and southwest from Parabel, where the shard was stored by Resistance. Extraction operation was planned for the next night.

This night, after 9 hours of driving, 6 hours off-road through the snowstorm Novosibirsk and Tomsk teams united arrived to Parabel. The shard was jumping randomly between portals, possible reason why Resistance could not extract it themselves. Quickly localizing the portal they established link to Novosibirsk surroundings. Same hour the link from Irkustk landed to the transit portal. After hours of waiting Irkutsk teams confirmed shard arrival. It was 0900 November 30th local time, 0700 at Novosibirsk and 1000 at Yakutsk, welcoming the shard for the next day. Novosibirsk and Tomsk teams were yet to come back home 700 kms of Siberian roads.

Daybreak – the shard is in Yakutsk now. Resistance interception attempt was decisive and fast but they ultimately failed. Siberian teams were preparing to get more shards and store them in what was to become Siberian Shards Collider.

Martial art

Shard #4 was very persistent in Japan. It refused to link to Vladivostok many times, though Japanese team coordinated by agent @hiyoko145 and our Far East HQ lead by +Maria Ilyushina , agent @milyushina tried it for about a month on daily basis. After such a long stay, Japanese named this shard ‘Doctor’ taught martial arts and filled with first grade sake. Only on 6th of December at 1800 local time the link from Okinawa was finally established. Vladivostok team was alerted twice to receive the shard – it only came on third attempt.

Seeing the next shard in Russia, Resistance agents become uneasy. The next hop seemed predictable – the launchpad to send it to Yakutsk from Blagoveshchensk was built a week ago. And this was an obvious position used many times before for big field operations... too obvious. So Resistance was waiting there to intercept.

But this wasn’t actual launchpad, it was a decoy. The shard was received to another portal 70 kms away. Resistance rushed there to intercept, and Blagoveshchensk team built actual launchpad in minutes. Resistance was late. The next shard joined others in Siberian Shards Collider.

Double trouble

Sending two shards attracts twice as many Resistance. This was the situation we’ve encountered in Kumertau on December 7th. Two shards stolen from Israel and Egypt as a result of operations ‘Escape of the Ninja Turtles’ (sitrep here: and ‘Cleopatra Night’ (sitrep here: using our venerable Baku option arrived safely to Kumertau.

Novosibirsk team was weakened this night, but they have had alternate transit portal which was owned by Resistance and they thought they could use some high level resonators deployed by opposing faction. The problem was to destroy mods installed without touching resonators. This was solved using the passcode provided by Dusseldorf Enlightened, which contained ultra strikes. Precise attack allowed to use opponent's portal as a launchpad.

Still there was a green blocker to remove over 50 kms away and the agent nearby have had no ADAs. While the link to transit point at Kumertau was established, agent @MikeLambert was dispatched from the core team to destroy the blocker.

In just 10 minutes newborn Resistance player appeared in Kumertau near distantly monitored transit portal attacking it with ultra strikes blantly telling the story of how he’s got RedX device – inventory loaded full. Baku, Novosibirsk and Moscow were madly recharging the portal where 2 shards gathered for the next 30 minutes while agent was speeding to destroy the blocker to link to Irkutsk. Transit portal in Kumertau ultimately remained green. At 2342 blocker is finally destroyed. Same minute defensive blocker to prevent cross-linking is established. Shards arrive to Novosibirsk at midnight. Adrenaline mode off, seems like it's time to relax for a few - but no!

At 0010 local time blue blocking link appears at Tomsk. Desperately searching Tomsk agents who could interfere, Novosibirsk team rises agents @AduchiMergen and @cc8gk26p. At 0045 second blue blocker appears from Tomsk. It's getting hot despite Siberian frost around. But at 0058 Tomsk team destroys one of the blue blockers. It's too late to send the shard, but Irkutsk team is able to throw another defensive link. Now the shardway is protected from both sides, corridor established.

0125 Novosibirsk time Tomsk team reaches for the second blue blocker and obliterate it. Same moment Novosibirsk team links to Irkutsk. 35 minuted of rugged defence for both sides now, countdown started.

Only at 0400 Irkutsk time two shards finally arrived to Irkutsk and we could relax for some time after sleepless night full of adrenaline. The rest of Transsiberian shardway was safe – directly to Severobaikalsk, where young and promising XM researcher, agent @Takezi was to begin series of shards collision experiments.

Siberian Shards Collider

There are no safe places. This axiom was proved during Olkhon roundabout, and Enlightened HQ was getting uneasy when the shard was stored at the same place for more than a few hours. Instead we invented a plan to randomly move the shard between distant cities each several hours so Resistance hit teams could never be sure where to intercept it. This plan started near Yakutsk when local team sent the shard to Churapcha, small town 170 kms the same night after it first arrived in Yakutsk. Key points for the shards collider were defined and estimated according to the quantity of distant keys available between local teams. Shards movement times were set to correspond with airports and train stations timetable in the key sites. We were to get some more shards and to run a series of experiments prior to launching it to USA.

As our XM research developed, we discovered Jarvis shards are very unstable entities. After sending shard #12 to Churapcha it randomly moved all 170 kms back to Yakutsk lab using unlinked portals. It was hopping around for 5 days while Siberia waited for arrival of another two shards from Israel and Egypt via proven and tested Transsiberian Shardway. We really needed shard shepherd and Yakutsk team used lots of their time to move the shard around. Shards also seemed to be very attractive for both spoofers and newborn Resistance players. Strangely they appeared exactly on the shard portals never seen before in this sparsely populated regions.

Two shard colliding labs worked hard in Severobaikalsk and Yakutsk (led by agent @kfmook) to perform a series of tests proving we can actually send all the shards in one package. 7th of December was the day when 3 shards united on a single portal near Yakutsk for the first time in Ingress history. Next experiment to gather 4 shards in a single portal on 8th of December failed – unstable shard hopped off the target portal. Shards package transfer experiment was held the same night with 3 shards and failed too – 2 shards moved, but troublesome Russian shard #5 decided to stay for one hour more then catching up with its mates. 4th shard remained in Yakutsk went unstable hopping randomly across the city each hour ultimately resting in the non-existent portal – and Yakutsk scientists spent the whole day to catch it.

Only on 9th of December Severobaikalsk XM researchers @Takezi and @circumstance managed to collide all four shards in a single portal. An hour later they all went unstable each hopping to his very own portal around.

Our experiments continued. We could not allow any failures now, preparing for Homecoming.

- be concluded...
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...and many many more agents, including #Team9 Baku Team, Moscow Enlightened HQ, Enlightened Global Ops etc.

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