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Start your day with our Super Green Smoothie!

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5 different flavors are available :)

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Hi Everyone! 

Vitali's Bistro is offering a new program for people interested in: 
2. gaining more energy, 
3. helping to prevent illnesses, 
4. cleansing your body and/or losing weight. 

We are starting a program and a support group that will help you to make that FIRST STEP! 

We’ll serve our special Green Smoothie 6 days/ week (Saturday excluded). 
Come every day for a freshly made GREEN smoothie! 
No waiting- we’ll make it ready at YOUR pick up time. 

Organic Kale (“the new beef”, “the queen of greens” and “a nutritional powerhouse") 
-Green Superfood (provides amazing energy, boosts immune system and digestion) 
-Spirulina (8000 UI Vitamin A in 1 teaspoon incredibly high in protein and nutrients) 
-Moringa (#1 antioxidant, boosts immunity) 
-Organic Banana (high in fiber and potassium, natural sugars give energy) 
-Fresh Pressed (Pasteurized) Apple Juice based 

Its a Good breakfast replacement! 

If you live in our neighborhood and would like to get a daily morning delivery to your doorstep pls call- we can arrange that!

Please, stop by Vitali's for a free taste sample and more information about AMAZING ingridients' benefits and nutritional facts. 

Cost- $96/month (comes out to be $4 per 12oz cup!). The reason why price is so cheap, is because our first objective is to try to make people feel better, to try this out and feel the difference in health and energy. 

Other options: 
3 times/ week- $55/month 
4 times/ week- $70/ month 
5 times/ week- $84/ month 

Please, contact me via e-mail ( or phone (952-201-6853) to get more information. 

Best regards, 
Masha Kaganovich

Everything on our menu is made from only the freshest, most vibrant ingredients. With so many delicious items on the menu to choose from, what's your favorite?

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Check out our special pre-order menu for the holiday of Shavuot!

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We now serve beer and wine for your relaxation and enjoyment! #Beer   #Wine   #Drinks  

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We are closed for the Passover holiday, and will reopen on April 23. We apologize for making you wait for your next salmon and veggies crêpe.

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We are open again after a short break, so stop by for some fresh and flavorful food!

We will be closed March 25th through April 2nd in observance of the Passover holiday. Happy Passover to all our Jewish friends!
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