Vital Element, Inc., as part of our medical website services, provide what we like to call "Medical Marketing Intelligence".

Medical Marketing Intelligence is a component of your medical website marketing strategy. Through the use of analytics software, we gather visits/sessions and user data when they search or access your medical practice website. We also track visitor behaviors in order to understand how patients find your medical website and what they do when on your medical website.

It is important to then provide you with an easy to read dashboard of your most important metrics. This way you can work with your Vital Element medical website design and marketing team to celebrate your wins, track your trends, and make adjustments as your practice needs more or less of patient market segments.

Monitoring the growth of mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and other phones and tablets accessing your information, popular pages, popular search terms, and referral sources like Google Search Engine, are all part of the continued strategy of a successful medical practice website.

We take care of setting up and managing your medical practice website analytics and help you continue on a trajectory toward the goals of your medical practice.

Learn more about Vital Element's medical website marketing and the intelligence behind it.
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