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Happy Almost-Friday Everyone!
We're in the process of expanding our online shop.
Can we ask for your help?
Will you share in the comments section with us what types of professional photographic digital printing services you'd like to be able to order online?
For example, fine art prints such as the one in the photo below?
Or your favorite digital photos printed on metallic paper?
Your input would be greatly appreciated. 
We have a growing list of the different paper types here
Thanks for your time.
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From tomorrow's post. I'm talking about a setting relevant when shooting in JPEG: Image Quality. Find out what it is and how to make use of it in your shots! #photograpy
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Awesome tutorial on how to use the foreground for maximum effect by +Alistair Nicol 
Using Foreground for Maximum Effect

Three things that I look for when photographing landscapes are a dramatic background, good light, and a solid foreground. 

The foreground is key to leading the viewer's eye to the background.  Keeping the viewers interest is paramount and one of the best ways to do that is to help lead the eye through the photograph.

How do you choose your foreground elements?

#CompositionGuideline, #Foreground, #KiawahIsland, #PhotographyElements, 
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In case you missed, our post from Friday was on shooting in JPEG and image size.

If you feel passionately either way, let me know in the comments! And be sure to come back tomorrow for our second to last post in the "Just Clicktastic" series. #photographytips  
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From the archives, "What is aperture?" Put together this valuable exposure setting with ISO and shutter speed for amazing shots.
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In case you missed it, here's today's post in the "Just Clicktastic" series. I'm talking about exposure, again, wrapping up what we've learned and sharing the only real secret to getting better at properly exposing your shots. Hint: Practice makes perfect. If you have any questions or want feedback on your exposure, leave a comment below!
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Four questions to ask when deciding on the right ISO for your shots.

From last week's post:
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Have them in circles
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Last Friday, it was all about shooting in JPEG. Today, we're continuing with that with a post on image quality. You'll learn where this setting can be found on your camera and why it matters to your images! #photography #photographytips
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Awesome! I am truly excited about this series!
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This very helpful FAQ is perfect for beginner photographers. Thanks for sharing, +Courtney Slazinik 
Did you recently start your photography journey? Here are some beginner photographer FAQ. #photographytips
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Master natural reflectors in your home with these great tips on +Click it Up a Notch 
Use these creative lighting tips to master natural reflectors in your home.
#lightingtips   #photographytips   #naturallight
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Should beginner photographers shoot in RAW or JPEG? I'm making my case for JPEG in this post. If you started out in RAW or JPEG, tell me why in the comments!
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So glad to have you +Jessica Faye Hinton 
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Want to know the "secret" to understanding how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed work together? I'm sharing it in this post along with some cheat sheets (like this one) to help you on your beginner journey through #photography.
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Wow! This is a great resource, +Jessica Faye Hinton 
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The Possibilities are endless at Vista + CRC IMAGING GROUP.

Vista + CRC Imaging Group was established almost 20 years ago. We are well known for offering quality professional film processing and conventional printing to the photography community and have worked with photographers for years perfecting their prints for gallery exhibition.

We also offer a full in house print production from concept to finish product. We have the ability to print on an extensive variety of media and offer digital printing services ranging from Digital Lab Prints and Digital C-Prints to Giclée Art Prints to Commercial Graphics, as well as a variety of finishing services such as lamination, mounting, framing and canvas wrapping for printed work.

Our mission is to maintain our dedication to the Photographic/Creative/Imaging industries. We will continue to refine our quality, expand our capabilities, increase our efficiency, and elevate the superior level of client support we provide to heighten the standards of excellence we have set in the industry.
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