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Dont often get excited about these things but this was a real surprise and all that hard work paid off last year. We are very fortunate to have clients that appreciate us. Thankyou.
More Expense for the Business owner
Computer Virus and Trojan are only the Start.
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"Digitimes reports that Asus and Acer will not be producing netbooks in 2013 , signaling the end of a product category that Asus began five years ago with it's Eee PC. The Guardian looks at the rise and fall of the netbook and posits some reasons for its end. Reasons include: manufacturers shifting from Linux to Windows, causing an increase in price that brought netbooks into competition with full-on laptops that offered better specs for not much more money; the global recession beginning in 2008; and the introduction of the iPad and Android tablets."
New Wireless Protocol
"The 802.11ac standard is expected to be ratified in 2013 and NetworkComputing has an interview with representatives of Cisco Systems and Aerohive Networks about what that will mean for everyone else. 'Out of the gate, the increases in performance over 11n will not be tremendously impressive. The second wave--which will require a hardware refresh--gets far more interesting... First-generation 802.11ac products will achieve up to 1.3 Gbps through the use of three spatial streams, 80-MHz-wide channels (double the largest 40 MHz channel width with 802.11n), and use of better hardware components that allow higher levels of modulation and encoding (up to 256-QAM). Whether we will actually see 802.11ac products capable of 6.9 Gbps is dependent on hardware enhancements on both the access point and client that are not certain.'"
326 Freshwater Ct, Orlando, Orange, FL 32825
Data Recovery done in a professional way. With DATA recovery Dedicated high capacity machines. The Latest Software and Hardware Available for this sensitive Work.
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326 Freshwater Ct, Orlando, Orange, FL 32825
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