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Jing Wu
Great apps. For the clock page, can you add minutes (ie 1 corresponding to 5 minutes) to the clock display? Thank you very much. 
The clock app is versatile and I'll be looking at the other apps this term. Thank you!
Hi, I couldn't find a link to comments on the Basic Angles launch page, so I hope it's OK that I comment here.  The Basic Angle page lists a 90 degree angle as "obtuse" when it should list it as "right".  We just discovered this app and it's been great in the classroom - Thanks!
Is there a way to embed your activity, preset into a webpage or save the page the way I want it? I would like to set the spinners and be able to acess them quickly already set.
+L Ketsenburg Sorry they work as they are. But if you have visited the page then it should load quickly as it will already be stored in your browser cache. In fact they will work offline provide you have visited the activity once before.
+Rebecca Rosow Sorry for the late response, I see what you mean and will aim to fix the issue in the next few weeks.Thanks for pointing out the bug.
Visnos interactive maths Helps me BIG. THANKS SO SO MUCH.
 But few requests: 
1.The Colours are Too-PINNING through the eye; & HARD TO CONCENTRATE FOR A LONGER-TIME. You May try Sky-blue/Turquoise , Reddish-dark-green ("Sap-green") ,& Orangish-red  instead of  intense pure-blue,  pure green & pure red.
   (But I FULLY RESPECT your PERSONAL choice...because I Can't know your sensations)(for a wonderful discussion watch youtube link ("is your red same as my red?")
 2. It will be awesome, if you add some Quiz & Games at each section; so that we(users)  test our visualization skills & Learnt things from the app.
 3. Request to this developer...1. ULAM CLOTH method for visualization of prime numbers,  2.Classical Geometry (theorems &  properties of figures)  3.Chirality  4. Geometry in >2 Dimensions . 5. More about polygonal numbers
+rajarshi rit I have never had anyone complain about that before. Do you mean the colors of a particular activity or the site itself. I know I have a preference for bluish backgrounds. The problem with customisation settings is it means more controls etc. But changing the overall theme of the website is not difficult. 

As far as testing, new activities will be more about practice but for a whole class rather kind of flipping a card for the answer rather than actual individual testing. So that will be coming soon. 

Please provide a bit more feedback and I will see what I can do.
+Rebecca Rosow I have now fixed the basic angles, although you won't see the change util Friday when I upload the new version. But from then on 90 degrees will be a right angle and 180degrees a straight-angle sorry it took so long to get round to fixing it.
I would love to see zeros added to Random Spinners so that they can be used to generate place value games. The placement of a zero (in particular) is very important to understanding values of numbers. Love what you are doing! Thank you.
Thanks for Reply. No requirement for  more customization options.That will make all the thing more complicated. I felt the tiresome, pinning  sensation in SOME applications such as 1.  "COUNTING WITH FISH", "FISH TIME TABLES" & "NUMBER-EXPLORER"---those I Keep open LONGEST-TIME (& you got it correctly ; these applications have a background made up of DIRECT blue), & 2. Several applications (including Sieve of Eratosthenes,Fraction Wall etc), Which contains a Pure,Digital-Green. However the Blue AS IN  CUPRIC CHLORIDE mixed with BLACK may be a good alternative in aquarium.  & the Green as in LEAVES , seems very peaceful & concentration-increasing for ME. (& teachers @ my drawing-school also prefered to mix red/black with green,instead of its pure version)  .I have always a tendency to Avoid colors of the High-Frequency end of the Spectrum. However these are NOT any SERIOUS matter.I mentioned them because they cause tiredness if used for LONG TIME.  The CONCEPT behind these applications , are TOO GOOD.
Possibly I expensed TOO- much WORDS behind colour to give that "bit more feedback" of your ask . This happened accidentally since I'm  highly-visual  , & fascinated with COLOR-THEORY (the LOGICAL part) .
          As request for QUIZ or GAMES, I wanted to mean something like that... There would some scrambled /regular arrangement of fish(or any-other object), & the user have to find-out Number/ Group (like TELL how many 4's are there )/ Some-other Patterns( many kinds of polygon can be made by using all the fishes supplied...etc ) .
       However, an AWESOME concept that THIS website USED, is , The 
user have nothing to do...EXCEPT , have to WATCHING THE NUMBERS & FEELING THEM. THIS IS A VERY VERY UNIQUE IDEA.  How does the number 5 "LOOKS LIKE"? Or how does the number 8 "looks like".
           Personally I Can "FEEL" (NOT "COUNT" ) ONLY UP-TO NUMBER 3, 
           In fact, in ANY OBJECT in our Universe, (a NUMBER, or a GEOMETRIC FIGURE, or a MOTION or a CHARGE or WHATEVER), CAN-BE "FELT" more & more & more deeper. SUCH AS:

SUPPOSE  You shown me  a  SQUARE. Then you asked me to SEE it Carefully . & then,   I took a magnifying glass, & through ten minutes  I scanned vigorously for 10 minutes...&...suppose answered...hehe it is merely a blank square.Then you told..."DID YOU NOTICED THAT , THE DIAGONALS MAKE RIGHT-ANGLES TO EACH-OTHER"...& it is now the turn for me to be surprised. Oh. No. Did not think in this WAY.
            Mathematical & Scientific truths are like that. They are not Merely something to be "observed"...rather they are to feel , & can-be felt in many WAYS.
At FIRST we "FEEL" them...thereAFTER we try to make the descriptions, in terms of numerals, equations, diagrams, verbal statements etc. "FEEL" is must.
One fact also attracted me, the word "Emotional" is STRIKED-OUT (at home page).
Sometimes many People put "Logical", "Skeptical" etc in one box, & "intuitive", "Visual" in a Separate box , (along-with "Emotional" , quite indirectly related to the process of comprehending universe). 
Logic help us to fit the natural phenomena with intuition. (as we classically see in case of geometry).
+rajarshi rit thanks for your feed back. The emotional was striked out because I was going to add a feature later. But now when I think about it, maybe it should just still remain and remove the strike out.

The website was always about being different to everything else out there. It is open ended encouraging the user to explore rather than just answer lots of questions. The number explorer is probably my favourite as you say it is interesting to see how certain numbers can be arranged. For example if the number can form a rectangle then we can see possibly two factors given by the length of the sides.
+Sandra Goodwin I like your idea. I do intend to add more classroom starter activities. So if you can describe in a bit more detail what you want to do with the spinners and how they would relate to place value then I can add it to the web site.
Thank You for feeback.

I'm not against Emotion...& I'm personally emotional one...I basically misunderstood that strike-out.
However in my feedback I did-Not pretend anything against emotion.

Since emotions are kind of feel or Sense, They must be a Kind of intuition.

Emotions like Curiousness, Wonder, Awe,Thrill  etc helps as catalyst in the process of Comprehend the universe. They "seems" to be not playing any direct role in that (it may be an over-simplified inference). However emotions are good, I think.

My purpose was to tell that; Everywhere I see the "Logical" , "Physical", "Material", "Mathematical"  etc. is always mentioned as a Left-brain-hemispheric phenomenon, & "Intuitive" , "Imaginary" , "Emotional" etc is always mentioned as  Right-hemispheric phenomenon.
          But I cannot imagine  any Logic , Mathematics , & any-branch of materialistic-science separated from Intuition.
        Possibly They try to Mean "Executive functions" & "Calculation" with the words "logic" &  "mathematics" (respectively).
          Another fact surprises me when people use the term "intuition" to mean "blind-guess" and "gut-feeling emotion" ; though Such-kind of Emotions are drastically DIFFERENT from the intuitions used in mathematics & science (such as Numbers, Shapes, Set, Axiom, etc).
IT SEEMS  VERY DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN TO PUBLIC , THAT, WHAT IS INTUITION, & WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT; though intuitive things are most Visible or "feel"-able.
This is by far the best teaching tool for teaching time I have ever laid my eyes on. I've been using it for the last two or three years teaching English in Japan.

I actually just showed it to a maths teacher and he was overawed. No hyperbole. He's so excited about it he raves on about it to the other teachers.

Thank you. Keep up the good work.
+Christopher Aiezza Thanks very much for your kind comments, I am very happy that you enjoy the website.

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