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Travel Guide to Blanes, Spain: Gateway to the Costa Brava
Travel Guide to Blanes, Spain: Gateway to the Costa Brava

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Blanes Fireworks Competition 2014: What Went Wrong

For the second year in a row pyrotechnics firm Maria Angustias Pérez from Granada in Andalusia, has won Blanes' International Costa Brava Fireworks Contest.

But for the first time in the history of the prestigious, world-renowned competition, something went quite wrong for another participant.

On Saturday night, a record-breaking crowd of 250.000 people -- many of whom traveled from afar in anticipation of a spectacular fireworks display -- witnessed a rather lackluster show.

The computerized launching system of pyrotechnics company Zaragozana, one of Spain's oldest fireworks companies and a frequent participant in the Blanes competition, failed [Read more at the link]

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Italian food at the Costa Brava

When you live or vacation in Blanes, the Gateway to the Costa Brava, you're never far away from a good restaurant of tapas bar.  

Naturally, you can find a wide selection of restaurants that serve authentic Spanish and Catalan dishes.  But there's plenty of international food available as well -- Chinese, Dutch, Mexican, or Italian, for example.

The best Italian restaurant is Damajuana.  Though it is situated just steps from the beach and the popular seafront promenade, Damajuana is a hidden treasure of sorts.  Located in a narrow sidestreet, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main drag, it is nevertheless a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.

Your Euros stretch far in this cozy restaurant, and you'll wonder just how they able to present such tasty food at such low prices.  One secret: their home-made pasta and sauces -- perfected over many years.

Highly recommended!

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Direct train service Blanes - Girona - Figueres

Actually, the new RG1 train provides direct services between Mataro and Figueres. 

This is of interest to tourists staying in Blanes, as Girona and Figueres are now easier to reach by train -- without the need for a inconvenient transfer at Maçanet/Massanes.

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Blanes Fireworks 2014

Alright, so the weather outside may indeed be 'frightful' -- as a Christmas song will have it -- but our thoughts are already turning toward summer!  

Indeed, it's a good time to start thinking about next year's vacation.  

If you have ever spent your holidays in Blanes, you already know why it is considered one of the finest beach resorts along the Costa Brava.  See those beaches in our profile photo?  Fantastic, right?!

One of the most-frequently-asked questions we get at Visit Blanes is about the dates of Blanes' renowned fireworks festival (Els Focs de Blanes or Concurso de Fuegos de Artificia de la Costa Brava).

Check the link below for details:

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Blanes Fireworks Competition 2013

The 2013 edition of the annual international fireworks competition in Blanes — officially named El Focs de Blanes — will take place from Wednesday July 24 through Saturday July 27.

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Free Blanes Screensaver

Gorgeous photos of Blanes, the popular Costa Brava seaside resort.

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Catalonia tourist tax goes into effect

The tax applies to any facility where tourists stay overnight — from campgrounds and youths hostel to hotels and cruise ships.

Tourist apartments and private houses rented to tourists are subject to the charges as well.

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Blanes Fireworks Competition 2012

The 2012 edition of the annual international fireworks competition — officially named El Focs de Blanes — will take place from Tuesday July 24 through Friday July 27.

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There are two hard-and-fast rules when dining in a foreign country: 1) Eat where the locals eat, and 2) Eat when the local eat.

In Blanes that makes choosing a good fish restaurant very easy.

While there are many quality seafood restaurants in town, you can’t help but notice that Can Ton is a favorite spot for locals.

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Parliament of Catalonia OKs tourist tax

The Government of Catalonia has approved the autonomous community’s budget proposal for 2012 — which includes a provision to introduce a tourist tax.
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