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We know that our students have been slaving away at their school work and other activities. That could cause a lot of wear and tear on their eyewear and possibly strain their vision.

For that reason we are offering 30% off of frame and lenses during these next two weeks for students. If you, as a parent, make an appointment for yourself at the same time as your children; you would also receive 30% off your glasses.

Also, for the next 2 weeks our retinal photographs are free with an eye exam for all students. An $87.00 savings. That means they get the best possible eye exam and they don't have to leave the office with blurry vision.

This sale is only for 2 weeks so call us or set up an appointment online soon!

P.S. Please ask us about details on your vision insurance plan.

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The end of the year is upon us. Have you used your Health Savings or Flexible Spending money? Eye Exams, Eyeglasses, and Contact Lenses purchased at Dr. Bohdan's office qualify. Make sure you schedule an appointment today! 

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Did you know that you can request an appointment online for Dr. Bohdan? It's really easy to do. You can choose your time and day without even getting on the phone. Schedule an appointment today!

We want to make sure your eyes are protected all the time from the bright sun. Did you know that the sun can damage your eyes even when you have contacts on? If you purchase contacts from Dr. Bohdan's office we will give you 40% off of any sunglasses purchase within 30 days of your purchase. Come in and see the styles we have for you today!

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Our 30% Sale is going on NOW! Come in and see how much money you can save today!
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