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Vishvas Meditation
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Vishvas Meditation

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ध्यान का नगमा छेड़ रहा है, अन्तस की शहनाई में... 
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From Mind to the Master...
Vishvas Meditation is a process of inner growth and understanding that prepares you to face the hardships of the current century. Swami Vishvas Ji states, " Meditation has no technique, no method. All the techniques and methods are for concentration, not meditation. We all have been blessed with the 'third eye' equally, to look within directly - we do not require any technique or method to enter within.Meditation is not concentration; it is the mother of concentration.


You should not do anything in meditation. Instead, simply watch the doings of the mind. Watching is a process not practice. Watching is our true nature. Watching does not require any effort, technique or method. Just as we have the outer two eyes to look at the outer world, similarly when we close our outer eyes - 80% of our energy is accumulated within, and we automatically start witnessing inside. Whether we find darkness, emptiness, thoughts, or emotions within, it is all being witnessed by the 'third eye' or inner eye.

The process

Sit in a comfortable posture with your eyes closed simply watching the thoughts arising in your mind without indulging in them. You will see darkness all around you. Remember, you are neither the thoughts arising out of your mind nor the darkness seen inside. You are a seer, a witness, a neutral energy to the mind's activities. Meditate more and more and have all your doubts removed. I am sure you will come to the conviction of your own divinity.

Mind management is the key

Meditation is mind management, it deals directly with the mind, because mind is a disease for which direct treatment is needed. Meditation deals with the disease and not its symptoms. All other managements deal with the symptoms like anger management, stress management, greed management, carnal desires management, etc. Vishvas Meditation cures the disease(mind), where all its symptoms, its negativities dissolve and disappear on their own. Vishvas meditation is a nectar for good health and happiness.
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