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Platform is now out of beta, named a Twitter Official Partner.
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Being social with a great positive engagement isn’t a new way of marketing; it’s a way of doing business. Follow these simple tips and you will be leading the way.
In the changing landscape of social networking, you might be wondering if you are getting the most out of your business’s social media community engagement?
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Vishnu Kumar

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A local digital marketing program that combines paid, earned, and owned will not only attract customers but also deliver a breakthrough benefit in the form of a blended cost per lead.
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Vishnu Kumar

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Google Launches AdWords App For Android
Now available for download in the Google Play store.
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Educate Yourself Before Choosing an SEO Company :-
         A big part of what we try to do at LocalU is to educate small business owners about Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing. Part of our motivation is to give those with more time than money the information and tools that they can use to help them promote their own company on the web. Another important mission is to educate them as to what really works in SEO and online marketing and how to choose reputable vendors when they are ready to turn the reins over to professionals. & see more
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Today is the roll out of Google's new mobile friendly design change. As Google states it, websites that are mobile friendly will likely rank higher in Google's mobile search results. Great, Excited for this new update. Mobile un-friendly sites ready to get lose big amount of your business
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Do you ever meet the people you befriend online (or prospects you found online) in person?

I have a few business friends that I met online that I've also met in person, but not very many. But I haven't actually met many online customers in person. (Partially because our customers are all over the US and the world). I thought this article was pretty thought provoking on this subject.

What about you?
Do you do a lot of online marketing? Here's how to make make those online leads into real sales.
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Vishnu Kumar

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Is Google+ Dying a Slow Death?

Many, including +Travis Wright at Marketing Land, believes Google+ as a social media platform is now dead. 

Some believe this because Google has split the photos and streams post in two .... but, so what? 
And Google is trying to buyout Twitter, so that would only boost the viability of Google+ (how, that remains to be seen.

What does anyone in this community think about the possibility of Google abandoning Google + ?

Here's Travis' post on the matter:

#Googleplus   #socialmediamarketing   #Google    #GooglePlusdying  
As the Google+ we knew splits up, what's the lesson learned? Don't put all your digital marketing eggs in one basket, advises columnist Travis Wright.
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Vishnu Kumar

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"Mobilegeddon" Is Coming on April 21 - Are You Ready?

Few things get a webmaster’s attention quite like waking up to a Twitter feed filled with news about a major algorithm update. In the world of SEO, hummingbirds, pandas, and penguins are akin to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Most algorithm updates come with vague or no warning, but Google recently announced, "Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results."

Game on Google – Time to Prepare for Mobilegeddon:-

Google may have announced the update early, but it hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with details. Webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes did share a few details in a recent Q&A.

Most notably:

* Responsive design does not have a ranking benefit
* Googlebot must be allowed to crawl CSS & JavaScript to pass the "mobile-friendly" test
* Mobile friendliness is determined at the page level – not sitewide
* Tablets will not be affected by this update
* Google is currently working on a dedicated mobile index

Preparing for the Update:-

Google has been telling webmasters to prepare for mobile for years, now. Thanks to the announcement of the Mobile Search update, many webmasters now have a compelling reason to take action. If you find yourself scrambling to be mobile-friendly and can’t decide between a dedicated mobile or responsive design, it makes sense to weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision:


Constructing a separate mobile site allows you to optimize it for mobile users. Mobile sites may have less content, a different navigation system, or other unique mobile-only options. All of the work in making the site mobile-friendly is done on the server and by the Web designer.

Despite having a separate mobile website, there remains a problem with presenting an optimal display on intermediate resolutions. The device screen widths on the market today have a lot of variations. Some of the standard resolutions are 320px wide, 480px wide, 600px wide, 768px wide, 800px wide, and 1024px wide. It’s generally not cost-effective to have a separate version for each resolution.

A responsive site takes a standard website and instructs the mobile device on how to display it properly. Responsive websites can handle any resolution with changes in CSS files, which affect how the elements on Web pages are presented. Computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets will all display the website in the best way possible.


"Mobile-only" designs are relatively simple to build and generally economical in development cost. Responsive websites are more complicated to build; having a higher upfront cost. One important consideration is the "lifetime" cost.

Over time, it can be much more cost-effective to build a responsive website and optimize it for all standard resolutions. This also means that future updates related to content are to be done at one place instead of multiple versions of the website(s) that cater to each screen width.

Search Engine Optimization:-

Most mobile sites are built on a subdomain, If you choose to go that route, remember to utilize canonical tags pointing to the desktop URL for duplicate mobile pages. This resolves potential duplicate content issues. Don’t put canonical tags on unique mobile content. Both the mobile and the desktop pages can rank for competitive phrases. Responsive sites require no special SEO consideration beyond normal best practices.


From a practical perspective, link-building to one site is more productive and cost-effective than building links to two sites. Mobile link-building is different from traditional link-building and requires a different approach. A responsive design mitigates running a second campaign.

Overall Sales:-

Statistics gathered by a variety of companies show that mobile sites have much better conversion rates. This goes back to the fact these sites are designed only for mobile platforms. They tend to load faster and are easier to navigate. In short, they offer a better mobile user experience than responsive designs.

Preparing for Future Updates:-

Does your site meet the Mobile-Friendly test? Even if your site makes the grade today, there’s no guarantee that it will continue to stand up to future changes. Staying on top of mobile search trends needs to be a priority item. Mobile designs may not be fully compatible with future mobile browsers or devices. Responsive websites, on the other hand, will most likely be able to work with newer browsers and devices, so they’re more of a one-time investment.

So Which Is Better?

So which type of website is best for you? If you’re still uncertain, here are the highlights of both types of sites:

Pros of Mobile Sites:

* Can be customized for mobile users
* Should be the most mobile-friendly version of a site
* Easier and cheaper to design

Cons of Mobile Sites:

* Recurring maintenance
* Higher costs for updating the content of multiple websites
* May need to be reworked to meet future browsers

Pros of Responsive Web Design:

* Highly flexible – one responsive website works on all devices, so only one site has to be created and maintained
* This is Google’s recommended configuration
* Can be a better return on investment since most responsive sites won’t need much future maintenance to comply with new browsers

Cons of Responsive Web Design:

* More expensive upfront cost
* Doesn’t convert as well

The Bottom Line:-

It truly depends on what your site is focused on and what you need it to do. Make your website user-friendly, helpful, and relevant and you will have the opportunity to rank in Google organic search, regardless of the website type.
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Vishnu Kumar

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Meet The SEOs: Up Close @SMX West 2015
What's the latest on how top SEOs are handling the challenges of the business? Contributor Janet Driscoll Miller recaps a key panel discussion from SMX West.
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Vishnu Kumar

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Need help choosing the best SEO Company for your business? Read our guide…
        Every SEO Company will tell you they’re the best – here’s how to prove who actually is.
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& Help Businesses get more traffic, generate more leads, and make more sales by implementing various Social Media Marketing techniques and strategies. On top of that I help them set up follow-up systems to maximize their Social Media and Internet Marketing Efforts. 

* * * TEAM HANDLING* * * 



* SEO | DIGITAL MARKETING | SMM | SEM | WEB ANALYTICS | Web Business Development
* Web Marketing Advertising | Pay Per Click Marketing | Affiliate Marketing | Competition Analysis
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* Real Estate SEO, Healthcare SEO, Travel SEO, General SEO Services
* Keyword Research, On Site and Off Site SEO

* * Senior Specialist, Business Development * *

We offer high quality, cost-effective way to ensure success. We are able to work if you can figure out how to work in your product or service. Our specialists can improve their current campaigns or offers to design a full line scratch media strategy. We have helped hundreds of clients as to achieve top search engine rankings and traffic, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our company is a SEO and web design company located in Chennai India. We have a common upper positioning services search engine. We have introduced a couple of months based on what packages we offer a comprehensive SEO and web design services, which can give impetus to improve website ranking in search engines. Our services include custom design of the website and portal development, search engine optimization, CMS, internet marketing and end to end solutions for electronic commerce.

* Optimize content for company Web pages, blog(s), internal and external communications including announcements, press releases, quarterly corporate reports, presentations, technical documentation, sales support, short videos, etc as needed
* Digital Marketing, Social Media strategizing and penetration, Research and strategy-related work.
* Stir up discussions in Retail, Sales & Distribution groups, associations, etc
* Organize events, seminars, webinars to interact with industry experts and customers

* Create a comprehensive social media strategy to define programs that use social media marketing techniques to increase visibility, membership and traffic across all the product brands and implement and manage social media programs.
* Experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage social media activities.
* Monitor trends in social media tools, trends and applications and appropriately apply that knowledge to increasing the use of social media at Harbinger Knowledge Products.
* Measure the impact of social media on the overall marketing efforts.

* * Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Responsible for On-page factors like keyword research, title, Meta tags, internal linking, Image optimization, Site structure, SMO, Blog posting, All Social Media Activities.* *

* * On Page Optimization * *

* Initial Website Analysis |Competitors Analysis & Monitoring|Keyword Research|Content Optimization
* Sitemap HTML/XML Creation | Robot.txt File | Keyword Density | URL Structure | Title Tag
* Meta Tag Description | Meta Tag Keywords | Heading Tags | ALT Tags | Anchor Text |Image File Name
* Image Optimization | Canonical Issue | Doorway Pages | Microformatting | Localization | Cloaking
* Google Webmaster Tool | Google Analytics | Keyword in Page URL | FTP Software Like Filezilla etc.
* Google Panda Update | Google Penguine Update | Google Caffeine Update

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