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Google+ redesigned!

To get the new version, go to Settings > "Manage other apps & activity" and click on "Manage Google+ Activity".

Now in the new screen, click on the search bar.

Hooooorey, you got the NEW Google+ design!

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Which are the best online resources that you recommend for learning Gradle build automation (esp. for Android development) #Gradle   #BuildAutomation  

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Recently I came across the IOIO ("yoyo") board for Android Devices (as well as PCs), manufactured by Sparkfun -

The board plugs into the USB port of any Android devices. You can write apps that can read from / write to the IO ports in the IOIO board. The board actually adds a set of I/O ports to your Android Device.

There's a collection of interesting IOIO projects videos on Youtube here:

So, anyone has experience with the IOIO board development? If yes, please share your experiences.

#ioio   #embedded

Android Studio or Eclipse? What is you choice, and why?

Android Studio or Eclipse? Which is your choice, and why?

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Perfectionists, rejoice! The new #GoogleMaps for desktop lets you click and drag to measure your next road trip, bike ride or run—even if you’re taking a few sharp turns.

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This is how your PhotoSphere pics will look in Google+ ... Try it yourself!

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Is Mozilla Firefox trying so hard to imitate Google Chrome? Why you people stop the war and start defining good web standards? #australis  #firefox #chrome #chromefox  
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