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Play poker like never before!
Play poker like never before!


Play "Limit" and "Pot Limit" poker games with the new update of VirtualPokerTable available for Android and Windows Phone!
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It's finally here! The Windows Phone application is available.
Join a VirtualPokerTable with your WP8 device and play poker like never before!
After much struggling to pass certifications, you can now get the application on the Windows Phone Store:
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Major update for Virtual Poker Table !
No more need for the VirtualPokerPlayer app:  install VirtualPokerTable on any Android device to create or join a game (7" screen min to create a table)
Plus, a lot of improvements are there:
- Choose your seat when joining a table!
- New table option: touch screen to deal next hand, otherwise, it's automatic as before.
- Players can now play in landscape mode!
- Improved card dragging. Players can now peek at both cards at the same time.
- Access settings in game and show connected players from table.

Get VirtualPokerTable for Android now
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New version available on GooglePlay Store. What's new, you ask?
Enjoy real Cash Game!! 
- Join a game that has already started
- Select the blind level when creating a new table
- Choose how much you cash in when joining a table
- Players can now cash out and leave a table at any time or sit out for a quick pause
- Still more bug fixes and gameplay improvation ;)

Check it out, update VirtualPokerTable and VirtualPokerPlayer for your Android device and tell us what you think!

Play poker like NEVER before
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Very first Android version available on Google Play! Still a lot of work to do, but try it out and share your feelings with us.

VirtualPokerTable for Android:
VirtualPokerPlayer for Android:
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The website is alive! Still a few things to tweak, but you can check it out
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