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Virtual Photo Walks™

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+Virtual Photo Walks™  mission is to allow isolated people to become interactive citizens again. Utilizing the Internet, video chat and smart phones, people are able to visit and interact with mobile guides all over the world and to visit they people and places they could only dream about before.
Virtual Photo Walks reaches out to isolated individuals and communities, enlists photographers all over the world and then moderates, records and edits the interactive Walks to assure the safety and privacy of participants and to archive the experience so that the participants can share and look back on them. Virtual Photo Walks Inc is a 501c3 public charity in the USA.
 Here is a link the shows how it all got started
@thephotowalks on twitter
Thank you to the hundreds of people who have given their time to help people less fortunate.
#virtualphotowalks   #johnbutterill  
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Thank you I will look up these links on FB. :)
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Virtual Photo Walks™

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Virtual Photo Walks™

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Virtual Photo Walks was at Walden Pond near Boulder Colorado with volunteer photographer +Dominic Phillips  and our friends at and +June Gaul  +Jamie Todd visit fill out the form to be invited.
These walks are for the disabled community.
Thank you to +Verizon  for powering our Virtual Photo Walks with the  4G LTE Jetpack Mobile Hotspot 
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Enjoyed it very much, Thank you.
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Virtual Photo Walks™

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Thank you to the team at Hover for featuring Virtual Photo on their Blog. Lets walk the walk for those that can't together.
Hover is an internet company serving thousands of businesses and millions of internet users worldwide since 1994.
One cold winter day in 2011, John Butterill was out for his daily 40 minute walk near his home in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. During this walk he was holding his camera in one hand and his phone in the other. All of a sudden, he looked at the two devices in a new way that...
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Thanks so much.I'm looking forward to traveling along.
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Virtual Photo Walks™

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#balladeer   #country   #originalsongs  
Just 30 minutes from now on StreetJelly
9:00pm EDT on ConcertWindow
"Six Shooter" Pre-Launch!  Come on over!
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Virtual Photo Walks™

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Out in the French countryside, you're driving along late in the evening... and suddenly espy something incredible. "STOP!!" you holler (clearly you aren't actually driving, someone else is - otherwise it would be weird to yell at yourself like that).

You peer across the fields and see THIS (below) and your new best friend, who's doing the driving chuckles, because he knew this was there and secretly couldn't wait to hear you gasp at the startling splendor of Mont St Michel gleaming in the night sky. We leap out of the car and run across the field, trying not to break an ankle in the dark. The rest... is pixelry.

But how does one meet such generous and awesome new friends? That 's the story on my blog today:
Road trip with someone who reaches out on social media? It happens!!

THANK YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS, +Mike Staubes!!! You gave Joe and me the best gift ever... friendship and photography in a glorious country!!
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it's amazing 
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Virtual Photo Walks™

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Amazing help and donate.
There is a gofundme for Donald Gould himself to help get him off the streets. Go check it out. Check out Donalds facebook page where you can stay up to date with the happenings of his life. Recorded on 6.30.15 the morning after Donalds video of him playing piano went viral, we ran into him walking down the street and were given a precious opportunity to inform him about his viral video and also got to ask him a few questions! Donald is truly amazing! Share so other people may see that homeless people are human too!
Donald Gould became a viral celebrity after this video of him performing a classic rock anthem exploded on Facebook. He is homeless. Sly Dylan, who uploaded the video, says: There is a gofundme for...
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This guy is a MARINE! Here's an interview with him the following day:

If you liked him playing, here's more:
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Virtual Photo Walks™

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Virtual Photo Walks™

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I watch these documentaries of the Medal of Honor recipients to be reminded that people of exceptional character still exist. What they went through makes my little problems insignificant and I carry on.
This gentleman Tibor Rubin is truly exceptional.
Corporal Tibor Rubin covered the withdrawal of his unit against a superior enemy force on October 30, 1950, and helped his fellow POWs survive while imprisoned in Korea from 1950 to 1953. He was awarded the Medal of Honor on September 23, 2005, after a review of the military records of Jewish-American veterans whose heroism might have been overlooked.
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Virtual Photo Walks™

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Now is the time to buy your tickets to the hottest events this summer!
Cheer on aspiring Olympians as they face off against the best athletes from 41 countries and territories. What are you waiting for? Grab your family and friends, buy your tickets and get in the Games!
Buy tickets for the 2015 Pan Am Games (July 10-26) and Parapan Am Games (Aug 7-15). The only official vendor of Pan Am / Parapan Am Games tickets.
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Virtual Photo Walks™

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I founds some photos of my parents from WW11 years plus wedding photos. It got me thinking about the two sisters I never knew.
Little Barbara, and Nora, both born with holes in their hearts, an easy thing to fix now. Barbara died at 3yr old and Nora at 1yr. The pain and sorrow my mother endured was unimaginable. Lonely and isolated in her pain. So there you are, I finally figured out why I do this. 
We have the technology to fix a heart and the technology to end isolation. Call someone you love now.
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✌ i like these photos... 
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Virtual Photo Walks™

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Thank You!
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Virtual Photo Walks™'s Collections
To Know, To Care, To Act

 Virtual Photo Walks - Walk the Walk for Those who Can't.

+Virtual Photo Walks is a project to allow people using video conferencing tools to be interactive citizens again. Utilizing video conferencing tools and smart phones, people are able to visit and interact with smart phone enabled photographers to see places and people they use to, see things that they might not have had the chance to see. for info and twitter @thephotowalks. Virtual Photo Walks is a 501c3 Charity in the USA.

It is a not just a service for those who are hospitalized or cannot go out into the community, but also for the many who just need a break in their day. It is a way to lend a helping hand by providing a window to places and things most of us take for granted. A truly interactive experience. to see where we have been

John Butterill discovered a way to share his photo walks through video conferencing tools.

Google Stories

For the first time, using video conferencing tools combined with the Android, iPhone or other wireless smarts devices enables “virtual” photo walks. Photographers along with a camera can take their circle of friends along on a photo walk and share the experience with people who can't be there.

How to Help Others: Do you know someone that would be helped by this experience have them follow +Virtual Photo Walks   or fill out the form at   or contact  +John Butterill  for more information

Photographers to sign up use the form in the link below. 

Please follow The Crohns Colitis Effect and Frank Garufi Jr.  one of the most inspiring men, and helped create the Virtual Photo Walks page. 

How it Works: John Butterill: I use a rig  it slides onto the camera connecting to what is called the hot shoe where you would mount a flash on a camera.  

This allows people using video conferencing tools to direct the photographer, and see the same view he does. It is not needed to do a tour but does increases the interactivity. More Equipment Solutions: What you need at the bottom of this page.


Get involved today - How can you help:


Tell us how you want to help. to sign up to be a VPW photographer.

You Tube Videos to see where we have been

Follow us on as well

How Virtual Photo Walks came about

Virtual Photo Walks came into existence as a result of a series of random events. I was out for a walk and saw that +Don Noll had started I hangout on G+. As we chatted in the hangout I was also trying to manage my iPhone and the Nikon D7000 at the same time.

We talked about having an extension arm on the phone or something to make handling the phone easier to handle. After the hangout I was looking at my camera and the phone and suddenly realized that all that was needed was a hot shoe adapter for the Gymbl (​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​gymbl-pro/  ) which I was using as a phone case.

The phone case which by designed for doing virtual reality tours it comes with a tripod, IPhone case, and an adapter that allows it to sit on a tripod I used it to do our walks.

I called the company and suggested putting an adapter on the bottom of the Gymbl so that it could be mounted on the hot shoe of the DSLR.                                                      

With the iPhone mounted in this way I went for my next walk, I fortunately came upon a Barred owl and thought I would show it to my friends on Google+  I contacted them and they watch me photograph the owl, on google+ hangouts. +Andy Gray took some screenshots of that and posted them with his comments on his page.

+Andy Gray  -  Feb 6, 2012 (edited)  -  Public

We had an interesting Hangout earlier as we joined our friend +John Butterill on a walk through the Canadian countryside spotting wildlife to photograph. To broadcast these John uses an #iPhone mounted on an iPhone holder attached to the hotshoe on his +Nikon DSLR, which kinda makes the whole thing look like someone wielding a bazooka in a 1st person shooter to us!

At the point you see below he was photographing a Barred Owl (Not a Barn Owl as previously stated). He's since posted an excellent shot of the owl perched in a tree from later in his wildlife walk. We were all kind of excited because we realized this was a new way of going on photo shoot.​​​​​​​​​106837773805813749834/​​​​​​​​​111835024921462866899/​​​posts/​​​​​​2Jhc15digWM

The next evening I was in a hangout with a person with MS. She was bed ridden and was talking to about how the only thing she could photograph was what she could see out her window. I simply spoke up and said her I'll take you on a photo shoot, and you can tell me what you want to take pictures of because you will be seeing through the iPhone on Google+  what I can see through the viewfinder. 

The next day we did our first, now called a +Virtual Photo Walk  it was recorded for You Tube. You can watch on You Tube channel  on the + Virtual Photo Walks page. We all had a lot of fun and it went very well.

Please follow The Crohns Colitis Effect and Frank Garufi Jr.  one of the most inspiring men I have ever met and helped create the Virtual Photo Walks page.  

Following that I was in a hangout with +Frank Garufi Jr and he was telling me about his son going into the hospital for an infusion which is very uncomfortable and painful for an 8-year-old. Again I simply said I'll take him for a photo walk around my community and keep them distracted during the process, this was a great fun event and it was not recorded but Frank took a few pictures of his son during the photo walk watching me on the computer. +Frank Garufi Jr then posted them with a very emotional thank you for me doing it. 

This post was number 8 on what's hot on Google+ for about 8 hours on Friday the day of the photo walk.

+Frank Garufi Jr.

Crohns Colitis - My Son's Battle

Domenic's Infusion for February 2012

Some of you might remember the interview that +Shefali Burns did with me, back in the beginning of January, about Crohns Colitis disease and how my son has been battling it since he was born ( ). Its a constant struggle for him, and unfortunately, one that he'll have to struggle with for the rest of his life. 

One, of the many, things we have to do is a monthly infusion of a medication called Remicade. The entire process is roughly 6 hours long and requires it to be administered in the hospital ( Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ). 

Today was our scheduled appointment for the month of February and Domenic got a special surprise thanks to +John Butterill and the sheer power and greatness of +Google+ Hangouts.

Armed with his IPhone, Nikon camera, and probably 10 layers of clothing, +John Butterill took my son on a photo walk around Rosedale, Ontario, Canada while he was getting his infusion done. Domenic loved every minute of it! For the hour that John braved the harsh weather conditions to show my son around Rosedale, my son didn't have to worry about blood pressure cuff's squeezing his arm too tight, the uncomfortableness of having tubes stuck through his arm, the drip rate of the medicine "burning" him ( the meds must be administered at a specific rate per hour ), or having to be stuck in a hospital when he much rather be at school!!! 

+John Butterill is nothing less than a saint in my eyes! He brought a TON of joy to my son today, of what otherwise would have been, another excruciating day for him!

From the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU +John Butterill!!!

Dom - February 2012 Infusion with Photowalk (7 photos)

Frank and I along with others decided that there should be a page  on Google+ to spread the word about this exciting way to help people.

Now we have that page and photographers around the world are stepping up to help conduct photo walks around the world. Events  are scheduled in Amsterdam Rome Germany Canada Australia New Zealand.

Equipment Solutions: What you need.

- A smart phone with front & rear camera

a data plan and you can afford to burn 100 to 200 MB of it, doing about a 30 min stream to G+ hangout.

If you are coming up to your billing date for your data plan then use it up helping us.

You will need an hot shoe adapter.

Smart Phone users here are some links to mount your Smart Phone​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​product/B005BON4K8/​​​ref=​​​as_​​​li_​​​​​​​ss_tl?​​​ie=​UTF8&​​tag=​​​​​​​​​​​​​​picsomewhrela-​​20&​​​​​​​linkCode=as2&​​​​​​​​​camp=​​​​1789&​​​creative=​​​​390957&​​​​​​​​​​​​creativeASIN=​​​​​​​​B005BON4K8​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​product/B0042J6VUS/​​​ref=​​​as_​​​li_​​​​​​​ss_tl?​​​ie=​UTF8&​​tag=​​​​​​​​​​​​​​picsomewhrela-​​20&​​​​​​​linkCode=as2&​​​​​​​​​camp=​​​​1789&​​​creative=​​​​390957&​​​​​​​​​​​​creativeASIN=​​​​​​​​B0042J6VUS

If you are really having a problem mounting you phone to your camera this link will take you to a proven solution that never fails. Duct Tape

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