Announcing #13MagnusReawakens Event & Global Chat
#ViridCascadia agent +Matt Stevenson and #TuEsQuiConformat agent +JpLolo jplolo worked together as a cross-faction team to set up & implement a chat solution for the upcoming #13MagnusReawakens event. This solution will enable event atendees to not only chat with one another easier, it will ALSO enable people to push images and news to the world, from the event.

Here is the "need to know" information:
-There is a global Telegram announcements feed that ANYONE can join!
-There is a global Telegram chat channel that ANYONE can join!
-There is a Slack instance that is for ALL event participants!

Want to join?
-This is the Telegram announcements feed link:
-Post a comment here, or ask someone attending the event to join the other options

Want some granular info?
-Please take a look at the infographics to learn more, if you are someone who enjoys those details.

#Ingress #MagnusReawakens #ViridCascadia

+H. Richard Loeb +Andrew Krug+flint dille+Edgar Allan Wright +Haerang Dong+Project Isthmus +Operation Essex
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