I wanted to write a post about the drawing tools I use the most and how I use them, in case anyone found the information helpful! I've also included links to these products on Amazon, in case anyone wants to order the exact item. (I'm not getting paid for this, I just love these tools and wanted to share!)

Anyone can draw. This is a fact. I don't play the guitar, but if I practiced every day, at some point, I would be reasonably proficient. Same thing goes for drawing. It's just a combination of practice, and believing you can do it.

Rotring Mechanical pencil
Best thing ever, must have. Love it. I use HB 0.5mm lead, and this is something I ALWAYS have. I use this for every pencil drawing!

Copic Markers
A bit expensive (up to $10 a marker) but worth it. Anything that's colored, I use these. Fun fact - I started out by buying a single marker, which you can actually achieve many shades with.

Tortillion (Or blend stick)
MUST HAVE. I use this to blend and smooth out all pencil shading. Makes areas smooth, solid shades.

Mixed Media Paper
Heavy-weight paper that can take a lot of ink / water / marker without crinkling or breaking. Favorite paper to use!

White Charcoal Pencils
These are awesome for using on toned or colored paper. (The BB-8 I drew would not have been possible without these!)

Toned Paper
Fun for drawings. Use the white charcoal pencil to really make images pop. Also, I use the mechanical pencil on this as well.

Spray Fixative
Every pencil drawing should be sprayed with this. It seals the work and prevents it from smudging or getting ruined. (USE OUTSIDE!)

Micron Pens
DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THESE! Seriously. Every ink drawing I do, I use these. Different nib sizes (how thick the lines are.) Best pens. Fun fact: I have a tattoo based on their logo.

White Gel Pens
Good for highlight on marker and other drawings. Also, just fun to use!
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