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Virginia Nussey
Content Manager at SEO Firm Bruce Clay, Inc.
Content Manager at SEO Firm Bruce Clay, Inc.

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Local small businesses and multi-location big brands alike have to combat local search and map competition. Learn the top 4 things you should be doing now in #localseo . Promises to be a good convo on the latest study from +Local SEO Guide and +Places Scout Local SEO Software for Google Places  
What does a small business or multi-location brand have to do to show up in Google Local and Maps? There's a study that answers just that: The 2016 Quantitative Local Search Ranking Factors Study. Learn the top tactics that the top-ranked local businesses share, explained by study co-authors +Dan Leibson, VP of Product and Local at +Local SEO Guide, and +Mark Kabana, founder and CEO at +Places Scout Local SEO Software for Google Places.

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WATCH and learn from +WordStream's +Larry Kim's brilliant #socialmedia #PPC hacks — from how to write a top-performing ad 💰 to the deal with SUPER REMARKETING. 🚀

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Catch the livestream video chat as +Search Marketing Expo (SMX) SocialPro speakers +Jason White and +Maggie Malek chat search and social with +Bruce Clay, Inc.'s +Kristi Kellogg.
In advance of their speaking sessions at #SMX and #SocialPro+Kristi Kellogg, +Jason White &+Maggie Malek share their expert advice on taking the search and social relationship to the next level. Don't miss it!

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CRO Takes Over the BCI Blog May 18 & 19!

Do you wish you could be at +Tim Ash's Conversion Conference this week in Vegas!? Almost as good as being there is following #ConvCon  on BCI's blog. Learn what the #CRO  masters are doing and the tools they're using to close more sales online.

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Tune into the Bruce Clay blog for live coverage of Conversion Converence in Las Vegas! +Virginia Nussey will be liveblogging key sessions through‪#‎ConvConf‬. Subscribe here to the Bruce Clay Blog to get all the news coming out of the sold-out ‪#‎CRO‬ conference ➡ #ConvConf

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Talking about building brand through employee advocacy. Personal branding and business #branding  making  #gainz  together. 💪 Pop-up #SMM  interview with +Michael Brito and +Kristi Kellogg at 2 PM Pacific. 
Bruce Clay, Inc. Social Media Editor +Kristi Kellogg interviews digital marketing author and expert Michael Brito, the U.S. Head of Digital Marketing a Lewis Global Communications. They'll talk about stimulating and sustaining brand advocacy, social media monitoring and more! Don't miss it!

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Advertising AMA with Szetela from 1-2 pm Eastern

My plans for tomorrow? Read all the real questions of Reddit-loving #PPC pros! +David Szetela fans and friends are going to want to follow this one-hour #AMA

Questions already in the queue have got me thinking! Like:

What have been the biggest changes in your personal approach to PPC over the past 15 years?

What will be impact of removing right-side ads in Google search?

What is black hat or grey hat PPC and have you ever come across grey/black hat tactics from competitors?

See you tomorrow, Reddit!
Have a burning #PPC question? Here's your chance to ask an expert! The one-and-only +David Szetela (author, speaker & VP of #SEM at Bruce Clay, Inc.) fields any and all questions on Thursday March 31 at 1 p.m. ET on Reddit! Submit your questions ahead of time here:

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Penguin Awareness Day is tomorrow. I feel like there's a strong chance that clever comedian Google releases Penguin 4 tomorrow. #fingerscrossed  FYI: Here's a FAST, FREE tool to check that your backlinks are in order:
#SEO PSA! Tomorrow is #PenguinAwarenessDay
With Google's sense of humor, you could show up to work tomorrow to meet Penguin 4. Are your backlinks ready? DisavowFiles backlink cleanup tool -->
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All kinds of interesting lessons and resolutions. Neat to get into the heads of some of the industry pros I admire the most.
What We Learned in 2015: Your Favorite Experts Share

If you could share a New Year's toast with anyone in digital marketing, who would you wax poetic with? Year's end is a romantic time for remembering the people who touched your heart and mind, the lessons you learned, sometimes the hard way, and the promises you want to make to yourself as you internalize those lessons. Wow, that was super sappy. A romantic time of year, right?

We asked those whom we respect to share their lessons and resolutions with the search and social marketing community. We asked some of our favorite experts in digital marketing to answer one or both of these questions:

•What's one thing you learned in 2015?
•What's your resolution for 2016?

+Larry Kim,+Ian Lurie+Andy Crestodina ,+Joanna Lord, +Duane Forrester +Eric Enge+Mark Traphagen+Kelsey Jones, +Mike King, +Bill Slawski, +Lisa Buyer, +Lisa Buyer, +Jim Yu, +David Amerland, +Keri Morgret, +Neil Patel, +Ronell Smith, +Akvile Harlow, +Marty Weintraub, +Susan Esparza, +Tim Ash, +Lisa Barone, +Jamie Smith, +Cindy Krum, +Jason Darrell, +Alan Bleiweiss, +Navah Berg, +Ammon Johns, +Michelle Robbins, +Pete Meyers, +Jennifer Lopez, and +Barry Schwartz

#digitalmarketing  #lookingback #SEO 

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Last. Minute. Gifts :-O Who in the house has been there, done that? Share your stories with us, and ideas, in an hour on with +Lisa Buyer, +Kristi Kellogg, +Navah Berg and me!  

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If +TIME did an SEO in 2015 issue! 
What would you put on the cover of a special TIME Magazine issue "SEO Moments of the Year"?

It's Day 3 of our 2015 Virtual Conference. Day 1 was all about Content, Social Media and Audience Research ( Day 2 covered Paid Search/PPC ( But we've saved the best for last: Day 3 is a track dedicated to the year's biggest #SEO  news: **

Our editor, +Virginia Nussey, reviewed the most shared and viewed conference liveblogs of 2015 — out of 85 sessions and keynotes we covered at marketing industry conferences. Here's her recap, with links to 2015’s game-changing SEO conference presentations, featuring:
+Duane Forrester 
+Gary Illyes 
+Emily Grossman 
+Sha Menz 
+Rand Fishkin 
and more.
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