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Virginia George
Finding my way through faith, food, and family. This is life. On the other side of Darkness.
Finding my way through faith, food, and family. This is life. On the other side of Darkness.

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Recovering From Codependency
I always thought codependency was reserved for the immediate family members of alcoholics or drug addicts. A group of people who couldn’t see that their loved one was participating in destructive behaviors who continued to enable them.

Turns out I was wrong.

Codependency is really an addiction itself. An addiction to relationships. To be technical, codependency is defined as “excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically a partner who requires support due to an illness or addiction.”

Typically due to an illness or addiction. Not always. Codependency is caretaking. It’s trying to fix another person’s problems so they don’t have to hurt.  Codependency is losing yourself in other people. Finding your identity in your roles, rather than your being.

Codependency is allowing someone else’s opinion of you to shape your opinion of yourself. It’s sacrificing who you are to become who you think you’re supposed to be.

 Hi, my name is Virginia. I’m a grateful follower and believer in Jesus Christ, and I struggle with codependency.

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There is No "I" in Marriage

Marriage is a little like tennis. There are two ways you can play: singles and doubles.

When we play doubles:
 - Instead of fighting against and seeing the other as the competition, we remember that we are on the same team
 - We focus our efforts more on finding solutions and walking life together than on being right.

When we are actively playing Doubles we see our conflict for what it is, something outside of our marriage that is causing us strife, instead of seeing it as our spouse's character flaw.
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8 Affirmation for Motherhood
No matter where you are on your parenting journey, from little ones to medium ones to big ones and grafted-in ones, parenting is work. And it's thankless, sometimes exhausting, and often intimidating. I'm never sure I'm doing it right, and more often convinced I'm not.

But those are lies.

I'm a great mom.

I might not have showered today, or cooked a healthy meal, and I might have forgotten to turn in the field trip permission slip on time.

But I'm a great mom because I love my kids.

...because I know their fears.

...because I hear their hearts.

...because I believe in them.

And I'll bet you do too.

Get your free printable affirmation cards here, to encourage you. You're doing a great job!
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Booster Seat Safety
There is a lot of information out there on car seat safety, but rarely any that really discuss boosters.

Today's post is an in depth look at booster seats. Why you need them, who should have one, and when you should ditch them.

What questions do you have about booster seat safety?
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The Principle of Good Intent
Most marriages exist because two adults decided that they loved each other enough to commit their lives to one another. We enter marriage with the intention of loving our partner until our dying day.

Think back to your vows. Did you promise to love each other in good times and bad? Did you swear you'd stick together through thick and thin, in sickness and health? Vows are full of such hope. So many good intentions.

Why, then, when "life" happens, are we so quick to throw out those good intentions?

Never question intent.

Never say, "you did that to hurt me". Never assume your partner is out to get you. Rather, assume they want what's best for you.

When you look at conflict through the lens of hope and goodwill, believing your spouse's love is true, it changes the tone of the conflict. When you believe your spouse is really on your side (because they probably are), you are no longer fighting against them, but fighting with them against the conflict.

Get the rest here:
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I have known since before my peers that Santa isn’t real, but every year on Christmas morning we had presents and a stocking from “Santa”. In mom’s handwriting, of course.

Whether you celebrate Christmas with or without Santa, small gifts are fun to give and receive. And from December 12 to the 15th, you can enter to win this group of “stocking stuffers”!

Which one would you like the most?
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Yesterday my husband sent me to the coffee shop to work for an hour and a half, and while he was gone he mowed the lawn. I feel so loved.

It's funny how it takes less to make me feel loved than early in our relationship. I don't need grand gestures every day, the simple things show me I'm valued. But grand gestures once in awhile are okay too.
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Don't forget to take your Mother's Day photos early!


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Dandelions are an underappreciated flower. Most of us consider them a weed, and lawn experts will tell you that the best way to eliminate them in your lawn is to nourish the grass. Water, fertilize, and nurture the lawn and it'll choke out the weeds. Dandelions included.

It's the same in marriage. Nurture, love, and support each other, and the hurts and criticisms are choked out.
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Spring is finally here in the midwest, and I dare say summer is on the horizon!

Make sure your helmets are fitting you properly with these three quick checks.
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