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We're loving hearing from you all on here at the moment, are you in touch with any of the other Virgin companies? There's a great selection with +Virgin Active SA, +Virgin Atlantic, +Virgin Balloon Flights, +Virgin Gaming, +Virgin Games, +Virgin Holidays, +Virgin London Marathon, +Virgin Media , +Virgin Mobile Australia, +Virgin Mobile Canada, +Virgin Mobile India, +Virgin Money, +Virgin Money Australia, +Virgin Money Giving, +Virgin Radio France, +Virgin Radio Montreal, +Virgin Wines UK, +Virgin Unite and of course +Richard Branson!
Richard Branson and Virgin have made their mark on Google+, will you make yours?
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You do know you could have saved yourself the mass of pages with just a few circles...
Yao Bin
Not in china.....
we are happy if Virgin is pleased to sponsor activities MAHAKARTA Search And Rescue Team as well as in efforts to preserve natural forests and the economic empowerment of communities in forest
great give Virgin Mobile better coverage and phones follow Metro PCS, in USA, unveiling 4G phones
Hot, here's mine, +Brands +BreakingNews +Business +Celebrity +Charity +DJ +Entertainment +Fashion +Film +Giving +Jobs +Media +Music +Netaid +News +Politics +Shopping +SocialMedia +Sport +Technology
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