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Virag Gulyas
Always up for a challenge!
Always up for a challenge!


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I think it is only fair if I introduce myself to you a little, so here it is in a nutshell:

I'm a former ballerina who traded her pointe shoes for words and online media.

With over 8 years of international experience as a new media expert (the way I like to call it), today, I'm helping individuals and companies to succeed with their online and offline presence. Both are equally important.

Somewhat I always find myself off-mainstream. And it's no different when it comes to doing social media.

My boyfriend always says that I give too much of my soul to each of my clients. But my question is: can (should) we do it any other way? I do social media for you to belong to a community, to come and connect towards a cause that makes your heart beat faster. This is what I teach to my clients as well.

I believe that authenticity is a stronger marketing tool than anything else. And I believe that pretentiousness kills your soul.

So you'll find me posting freely and without much self-censorship, and I'll be sharing posts related to social media, new media, Israel, New York, career transition, and anything that resembles with me. I have strong values for most of the things happening in the world, but with smart arguments, you can try to challenge me.

I'm also a Hungarian Christian, who supports Israel actively. You can save yourself some time if you want to come against me on this one.

Ah, and I tend to smile a lot. Bear with me on that :)


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My 2 cents on this Banks lady and why we handled her Israel bashing so badly- yet again!

And I tried to avoid being subjective about her tantrum 😉

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The second time in the last 5 months that HUNGARY votes against the UN resolutions that go against Israel.

Guys, this is totally historical and I’m proud. And with that I do ask you: stop thinking that just because my government is a right-wing one, it’s against you. Trust me what we have as an alternative - Soros funded post-communists - is what would be against Israel and the Jewish people.

But now let’s look at the chart again: four, only 4(!!!) countries had the guts to vote against this another ridiculous and one-sided UN resolution.... we have a lot to do here!

And frankly, the ‘I don’t care attitude’ doesn’t work here

Almost Jewish
Almost Jewish

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So, when? When do we start showing up? When do we start targeting a larger audience? When do we start becoming pro-active instead of staying on the defense?

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This is a pretty interesting interview about Judaism, Aish and Spiritual Amnesia...

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I wrote a piece for The Jerusalem Post / and would love to hear your thoughts.

"The only difference between the Nazi and Arab boycotts and the BDS campaign is branding."

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From Ignorance to Discover My Roots and Judaism. I enjoyed this podcast with Boruch Rabinowitz and Robin Davina Meyerson.

Shabbat Shalom!

I had a crush on Richard Gere and whatever he said impressed me. And this is where the danger of the BDS campaign lies. If I were to turn back time to the days when my ignorance towards Israel was my personal truism, BDS might have won me over...
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