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Got this 55X9300D and tried to pair it to a bluetooth headset so that can listen silently while family is asleep
It dosent pair at all. I asked sony customer service and they said this functionality is not supported

On Nexus 5X with Android N, the audio calls and video calls do not work at all and skype crashes saying unallowed access to libraries.
Has anyone else faced this kind of an issue, its a daily driver for me and will have to roll back to Android M if this dosent work out

Has anyone had a problem with Drive Scanner on Android N on Nexus 5X?
It take a pic fine but when saving to drive, the app crashes..

Its good to see the years passed since the event happened in new beta release... but its applicable only for bithdays and anniversaries. I have lots of other days stored in the contacts which are customized say for e.g Death, ChildBday and so on. Can you also please use the customized name to show back in the agenda view. That would be very much desirable

Its a very simple question and have been trying to find it out for a while now.... Can I tag people in my contacts in google photos i.e. tag their names in the pics so that the photographs are then searchable for their names??


On the latest android beta update, if I am trying to edit a card and then add a image using the camera, the app crashes straight away...
Can you please let me know what needs doing ?


I have safecloud 8.0.4 on the Android Nexus 5 and 3.2.2 on the Windows Laptop
Have started experiencing issues during syncing from to/from windows
Even after I deleted the database and restored using google drive, any changes I make on windows doesent get to the drive and hence not to the phone as well
please have a look

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Know not many people are on Linux but I only use Linux.
Do you think we require a port of the desktop app and the chrome extension on linux ?
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