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It's going to be interesting to see how the Kink lawsuit does play out. I'm also glad to see Jeffery was jailed. Should be longer, but I'll take what they give him. The spreadsheet is going to lead to further news. The top woman on the list is in talks with her lawyer about suing the woman who released the list (#8, I believe)...
surprising news about isanyoneup. i guess i shouldnt be skeptical, but its such a sudden change. As for, it'll be interesting to see if they can make any traction in protecting their content, perhaps they dont win, but may intimidate the other tubesites to stay away from their stuff.
Yeah I think the whole spreadsheet thing is a great idea! It's really the condensed equivalent of a diary. Spreading something like that is clearly the wrong thing to do. She should face the legal consequences.
I haven't done online dating since the 90s but when I did it, of course I kept notes in a file! Don't most people? What surprises me is that all the press stories named the banker (and as such his name will forever in web searches be tied to this) but they only name the woman by first name "Arielle." She's the villain here, though he made a mistake in judgement to trust her with the file. She's the one who, when you google her, should show up for what she did.
hey Violet! i like your youtube channel! i subscribed. :)
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