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Facebook has defended its support of this bill, its authors have tried to influence tech journalists on how to describe it to you, and its author has called for the execution of Bradley Manning (underscoring its intent toward sites that cooperate with Wikileaks).

Are we tired of them trying to mess with the internet yet?
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I'm calling it now that this will get shut out and three months later tops, we'll have a new iteration with a more innocuous name
I'm in such a low place right now that if I had one of the assholes responsible for that bill, I would beat him to a pulp.
Perfect way to let the aggressions out!
Facebook supports this because they either don't know or don't care how this bill can be used against them and their users. Neither explanation is reassuring.
They'll keep sending these Bills up one after another so long as we keep sending the same people back to Washington D.C. We get the government we deserve. The public is easily distracted by partisan bickering, a clever side show so no one realizes that neither party has your interests at heart.
+Albin Thorning I don't even think those guys are on the ballot here. I'll have to look into it and find out :) I tend to ignore party designation and try to find out as much about the actual candidate as I can. If I think the candidate will be decent, I could care less what political party they're in for the most part (though it can be important with a close Senate).
Another xxPA (Blah Blah Blah Protection Act). None seem intended to protect our rights.
Greg. Rights??? We have rights??? That's O.K. Rommney will put a stop the this idea of "Rights" Violet, haven't heard from you in a while, welcome back.
Thought it said sopa pilla. Was wondering what she had against a delicious treat
+R. Scott Kimsey These bills will keep coming as long as the MPAA and RIAA remain hellbent on destroying the Internet. They miss their long lost monopoly way too much.
that is stupid the internet should be fun and awesome
+Ronald Woodhouse if you think Romney will be any worse on rights overall than Obama, you're nuts. This is exactly the kind of partisan thinking that keeps the country distracted with thoughts of their 'team' while the politicians pillage it.
"I fight for the users." Epic, and best quote to use right there!
Scott. Am I nuts? Of course I am. I have admitted several times that I am a depressive. That is a mental illness, so yes I am crazy. I am also a human being, but people don't look that far.
I'm used to it by now. It took me a long time to confront it. I was on antidepressants for over two years, I went off in January. Being on the internet keeps me from isolating.
Didn't know FB was supporting it...thanks for the heads up!
Those are done by automated systems, not actual people. Additionally, none of that information is stored and whenever it is, no one ever views it unless there's some type of warrent, +Patricia Lyn.
With all the sopa, cispa, etc., I want to say this: F-YA to them
David Greene: So, if none of the information is stored, how can it possibly be seen when someone has a warrant? Your rebuttal confuses me.
I said that none of it is stored, yes. I should have clarified that I meant it was not stored in the permanent manner she was suggesting. Anyway, I did stated that "whenever it is," meaning it is sometimes stored (if only temporary). I apologize for not clarifying that, +Seth Harkins.

There have been cases in which information (e.g. e-mails) is stored or archived permanently in a website's database, but it's almost never viewed and in the few times it is, that is only done out of necessity. In most cases, information is stored in order to be used in reference if such a need ever occurred or if a roll-back was required. Some of this information is personal, it's true, but quite frankly... No one cares about you. There is more valuable information to read and actions to perform than just reading about how you "just smoked a blunt" three years ago or went to a baby shower four months ago.
Democracy is the worst form of government... except for all others.
(correct me if I`m wrong) First SOPA, then PIPA, then a secret version of the past two for the exact reason. This insanity has to stop.
STOP messing with unnecessary Internet regulation. We need foster not stifle innovation.
Facebook Supports CISPA because of one important change over the SOPA/PIPA bills; It makes the government responsible for the collection/retrieval/enforcement of the mandates, whereas the old bills made it the companies' responsibility.
Post a notice you'll close your account if they don't denounce it. Then do so
I actually like when teachers caught students passing notes in class. So, i'm not worried about (CIS+SO)PA.
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Thanks Violent for alerting everyone about the repeated efforts to control the internet. We must remain vigilant.
you can change people only inner transformation
Of course Facebook would get behind this legislation now. It has already passed the vulnerable period. Now it supports it so no small players can usurp them.
"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." (Churchill)
+J. Arthur Lee Dryden is exactly right. In fact, there's been recent studies (I forget which ones right now) linking conservatism to a refusal to think, and even to inability to think produced by alcohol and drugs.

The congresscritters and media cartel CEOs, of course, are drunk on their own power, their egos far too big to allow them to think. Hence SOPA and CISPA.
+J. Arthur Lee You're right on that too. A shrinking minority used to power is panicking. Recently I read that the banking industry may also be panicking due to increasing irrelevance as talent replaces capital as the driver of the world's economy.

It's snowballing...
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