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Watch me debate live in nine hours. Yes, I'll be using Google as examples of what works and what doesn't (and apps like Path and Instagram) - and I'll be debating the Facebook guy about user rights, data and privacy.
It's your life and your data - until you give it to Facebook. Then whose data is it?
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Good luck +Violet Blue Facebook drones are pretty good at repeating their message over and over. I have a few discussions with some of them and they are always convinced that they are giving you an option when they say if you don't like it you can always leave. Well, I left and deleted every piece of information, bit by bit, but I am sure there are still pieces of information in there.
Thanks for the link. Looking forward to the debate
+Violet Blue good luck , looking forward for the debate, but what is the case with other social networks, G+, twitter, i guess if i am putting something as public (public post, public image) then i am allowing everyone to use the information the data and get benifit from it !! isn't true in all social networks, ?! is G+ different in this ?! isn't google using all my information in gmail, youtube, to show me Ads
isn't this your point mr +Emil Protalinski
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