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This app takes public data from Facebook and Foursquare, makes a Google Maps mashup and encourages guys to use it to hook up with unknowing women.

I made the point that this emphasizes the fact that for these companies, they MUST understand that user privacy and safety HAS TO be hand-in-hand with user consent about data.

Please share.
Online outrage increases over sexualized, so-called stalking app Girls Around Me - though it is not the first of its kind.
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I have never needed a mobile app to notice if there are Girls Around Me.
There's an easy way to fix this..... don't post your location to the public if you don't want people to know it.
It's the high tech version of calling your buddy at the bar and asking if there's a bunch of girls there.
myspace had it first...In fact that's how I met my wife. lol
the aiming is not properly, ha
I'm sure the creepers will make a mod for this app that also checks for age on the facebook profile. Probably call it 'Underage Girls Around Me'. Stalkers dream tools.
omg noooo /run now pervs can find us that is not good omg omg omg
fkn stupid, :..if you don't want people to know it'.. really, huh? i don't this 'anyone random' knowing a woman's location is the fkn problem +13 GENIUSES! duh. but that some mentally hostile creeps are going to EXACTLY USE THAT 'SHARING' AGAINST SOME WOMAN OR FEMALES, LIKE THEY ARE NOT FREE TO FKN SHARE THEIR FKN LOCATION! how many of these mobile phone handling cavemen are afraid to share their locations with their fkn BUDDIES?????? stupid beyond belief.
Does it also tell me what their drinking and if they would like another one ?
For an upgrade they can locate all the hardware stores in the area to buy rope, a shovel and duct tape.
This sadly is just one example of social media being taken too far. We need a privacy revolt. I guess all we have to do is unplug, or send disinformation.
i dont need an app because i already had sex and still hav a very sexy girlfriend LOL
I have met ppl I have met on line, some i have only talked to over the phone. I think you can get a feel for a person if you don't rush. always better to lean on the side of caution then to rush into something. just sayin
better go hide in that bomb shelter you dug back in 1999.
it's kinda funny how most of the bros are so unaffected by this, but chicks are freakin out...... says something, doesn't it.......
I can probably write you an app that uses social media to give a rough "jerk\player factor" score to any guys using Foursquare near you...would that help level the playing field?
I recently realized google + was posting my address every time I left and returned home. I do not even know how it started or how to turn that off.
yeah but if you dont share with everyone the access to info is extremely limited.. In fact the tagging of location data is even an option on G+ so you are infinitely more secure here than on F****d Book.
+John Fish and how many turned that off? Tons. How big was the stink? ... I'll say it coulda ran me outta the John!
Does it let girls find guys (and other permutations) too ? Does it let people know their stalkers have arrived ? Can it give the police a list of all the users who knew someone was somewhere the night they went missing ? So many missing features, get back to me when it's up to version 6 at least
Go yell in the street where you are going for drinks tonight and drop a bunch of photo's equal to what you post on FB.

Personal privacy and security is your responsibility, not up to the company with whom you're giving all your information, and telling "Yes, let anyone in the world see this". If you don't go looking into where your shit is going, that's your own problem.

Also good to keep in mind:

by no means am I an advocate of 'creepers' or like, but srsly now.

G+ does the same thing if you post from your phone and publicly, check the nearby stream. I regularly use it when I'm bored (just post on random people's interesting shit, I've even gotten a few new contacts that way), partially to let people know that anyone can see it.
Apps like this just make creeps lazier, getting rid of these apps won't stop them. That said, I'm not sure I can see a good use for this app. As a guy that's been stalked, I'm sorry I can't joke about it. Crazy, creepy people are just crazy and creepy.
Well this story will scare me away from technology for a good year...
There is no reason for it to scare you away from anything, simply look into privacy settings on public sites! They DO provide things to keep people from being able to see the information you post!

It's the exact same thing as reading the fine print, except in this case, YOU CAN CHANGE IT!!!
In the buushes the mighty buuushes the stalker creeps toniiiighht. IIIn the buushes the might bushhes the stalker creeps toniiiiight. A WHEEEEEE WHOO WEE HOO A BOOM OP BAMD O WEAAAAA (in the jungle)
Rape face activated
Only an idiot would need someting like this to get a girl. The real men know it takes much more work to win over a woman's heart. Desperation and cheap tricks won't cut it... Disgusting perverts...
Did u upload ur profile pic just to match that comment? Cause it goes so fucking well with it!
Evan T
thts messed up
but wtf is there problem sht they need Jeramie lessons lol
HAhahaha. thats great
wow u think thats great and i bet ur going to be there top user or was u talking bout something elselmao
Facebook have privacy controls already set and available to users to configure. I don't think this app can access what isn't already available in public already. It just makes things more convenient to other people to see it.
Kids are getting so lazy. I remember when stalking took a lot of work.
This is why I don't use Facecrook, I hope G+ continues to be above below average.
bit like hacking... the scripts made available for anyone to run takes the effort out of it. C'mon.. atleast taking the time to go through trash and sitting out the front for days on end... that's stalking !! ;-)
I agree with Roseller, however, it is still a wake up call to those who use facebook and how they allow public users to see their personal information. Security should be the first thought when using any social network...period.
You saw this on ZDNet? What about the Swedish forensic tool that can crack your 4 digit security smart phone code, then access all your contacts, gps data, and more.
The fact the company is flourishing because of demand for tools from Law Enforcement and Defence agencies !! That's scary.
Kunal S
is this really true in really life. somehow i don't believe it
That is 1 deeply disturbing app that only a pedo or rapeing nonce would need or want
They should give you a free virtual gimp mask with that app :)
Philip. Can that be used just by being near a phone or do they need to plug in
This app needs to be nipped in the bud before it grows.
dream on...they don't give a rat's ass about our safety or the vulnerability of women
Y'know, I'm glad I never put in much info on FB.. they know my first/last name, and where I went to high school (The high school thing is only because I can't figure out how to take it off!).... and that I don't have a foursquare account! :D
+Annalyn H edit the profile and change the name of the high school to NoneOf YourBusiness :)
There is something horribly wrong about this... someones going the get hurt and by then it will be too late ...and then there will be lawsuits...but like I said...too late.
+carmilita zotomayor-riveral It's not about me downloading the app. Some creeper could still use it against.. well, anyone he/she wants. It's about social network media sites' privacy settings.

That's why (thanks +gayle noble for the idea- NYBH) I took most of my info off FB long time ago.. or never put it there in the first place (seriously, why does FB need to know my phone number??).
i really don't understand why this is such an outrage.
Meh, heard about this on Cracked forever ago. Kinda got used to the idea. But honestly it wouldn't affect me, anyway. Edit: Privacy Settings. Go fix them, now.
i admit this is sleazy, but does anyone actually think this is putting people at risk of being raped? people don't get raped because they are on facebook.
Well this story will scare me away from tecnology for a god year..................................
Jay Tee
LOL....another reason NOT to use Facebook.....thanks for sharing.
Definitely a breach in data protection I would have thought, whilst the females give consent to be shown in public on facebook who gave permission to be shown in public on the app?
True, Mike, it is not illegal to be creepy. It's just really creepy. And defending creepiness is also pretty creepy. It's also pretty creepy to use the fact that normal people aren't computer-experts as an excuse to stalk them digitally.
Awesome, downloading now, thanks for the heads up!
I must be missing something.... Why the instant connection between knowing where a girl is and stalking. And I could be wrong.. but doesn't this app just tell you what girls are around you, not where a particular girl is? And if you know the girl already, and intend to "stalk" her, wouldn't this app be unnecessary, as she's already made public her location. I don't see how thus app is any creepier than FB if you'r already a creep.
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Sweet now I don't have to ask a girl if she wants to go back to my place... Now I can just locate hers!
and you do Andrew? we are all curious!
This is one of the biggest downsides of social networking, sharing information.
Foursquare has killed it's data sharing with the app already.
I got built-in choade-ar , they flock to me.
You are just bringing more publicity to the app, Violet.
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Love that is shared is a beautiful thing
Life becomes richer with the joy it can bring.
It uplifts the spirits to heights that are new
When you love somebody as I love you.
After the original article was published about this, Four-Square disabled the apps ability to interface with their API.
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