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PLEASE help by getting the word out: programmer Saeed Malekpour's execution has been fast-tracked by Iran's court - he didn't even work on a porn website (this is what he is being killed for).
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I hate to say it but what would getting the word out do? Iran's government seems intent on both controlling its own citizens and the Middle East, I do not think they will cave to public pressure to stop execution.
I do not know who this Alkhanaqat performed on some countries and what is its purpose
I'm not on favor of the government of Iran nor am I saying what they're doing is right, BUT....when you work on using twisted-ly information by saying "he didn't even work on a porn website (this is what he is being killed for)" for whatever reason you have in mind, that's when someone needs to step in. I will not use other sources other than your blog. I quote:
"According to Malekpour’s wife Mrs. Eftekhari, the Iranian court charges for his alleged involvement with a pornographic website included:
Propaganda against the regime, operating immoral web sites, insulting divine principles, insulting the president, relations with groups that oppose the regime, being contact with foreigners. In general, these are known as the “corrupt on the earth.” "
Take a look at that. Take a second look. A third look, please. Good! Why did you leave out "propaganda against the regime", "insulting divine principles", "insulting the president", "relations with groups that oppose the regime", and "being contact with foreigners"?
Again, I am not defending Iran or their regime.
That's an Islamic Republic. The citizens of Iran got what they wanted.
+Cat MacKinnon, I am not saying he deserves what he got. No. I'm just criticizing the manipulation of the presentation of information that Violet did. She will gain more viewers, comments, +1's, shares....etc, with what she said than saying "he's being executed for opposing the regime".
I am agreed with Sahaf comments..
+Mohammed Al Sahaf I agree with what you are saying, but surely you can see how someone can misinterpret your words and think that you are defending the Iranian government's actions.
faith in god is a personal and private thing - I respect everyone's views on creation - but religion is verging on evil. No religious text gives anyone the right to persecute anyone for anything! All religious texts speak of forgiveness and being judged by god - not the state or by men! religion is politics and is used as a control mechanism. It is used to pacify and beat down those not in political control (like women for example). Why is it only countries governed by religious governments that still hang or behead those that 'defy' them?! and they say they act for god! unfortunately I agree with +Drakkus Psykozohedron - any country or person with such extreme religious views is an abomination of the modern world and does not belong here - it belongs hundreds of years in the past when we knew less of the world we lived in and were more insular. How can we teach those with such stubborn and ancient views? They will not learn. They must be removed!

The world's people's are one - it's time we acted as one. Everyone is born free to believe or act as they wish - unless they cause actual harm to the people or the community. If a man or woman wants to work in the sex industry then that is their choice! Anyone who opposes freedom of choice is an enemy of the people. And if we use our free choice to ignore the wishes of a deity then we will pay in the afterlife. nobody is in a position to dish out punishments but god - whomever you believe that to be.
+dandellion Kimban I don't think you understand what +Drakkus Psykozohedron is saying. I don't believe she wishes death on anyone. I believe you are hearing his despair at the poor treatment of people and the hopelessness of the situation. The middle east houses so much hatred and extreme religious views that the world would be safer and happier without it! It is just as extreme to drop a bomb on the entire middle east - but it's frustration in all the bloodshed, violence and extremism that leads some to wish it to just be over.
Faith in god should be private - god is the one who will judge in the end. Having governments and clerics and laws try to control with religion leads to evil deeds by those that seek to protect. the way women have been and still are treated is horrible - but I bet most men who follow eastern religions still believe women to be inferior. There is no room for these views in the modern world. We want change now and +Drakkus Psykozohedron has put his frustration into words. Waiting another hundred years watching people be repressed and stoned to death or hung or beheaded will not be tolerated. Welcome to the modern world of freedom, democracy and change. All those who oppose it are fearful of losing their grip or control - well change is coming whether you like it or not. Embrace personal freedom. For those who will not embrace it and let their brothers and sisters embrace it do not belong on this planet. Amen.
Shame of you GOOGLE!
I remember Iranian post about damn Israel with more than 120 comments and shares and 200 +1's didn't become "hot" but this silly post with this low number of comments and shares becomes "hot".
more painful is that me and +AMOO Ramezoon wrote comment on this only because it was hot!
Sharia Law is anathema to the traditional values of tolerance and plurality found in Western Cultures.

This is as true and accurate a statement as 1+1=2. It is not a judgment call and if people want to live their lives according to Sharia Law they are free to do so. However, these folks should not deny, hide or obfuscate what Sharia Law is and how it seeks to control one's personal, public and private life.

A strong case can be made of Sharia Law's discrimination of women and equal rights for women on all kinds of issues within the home, in public, and certainly in private matters.

I will await the outrage and claims of racism on my part, but really IDGAF.
+Omid Baharloo It must be a Mossad False Flag conspiracy against Muslims, right?
(this is satire folks)
+Mohammed Al Sahaf Speaking out against the government is as natural a pastime as hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet in America and Western Cultures. We do not imprison or execute folks for speaking out against the government, in fact, quite the opposite, we encourage it.
+Mohammed Al Sahaf Run away because you cannot defend it rationally. There is no way Sharia Law and Western Culture can mix, in my opinion. And I will not be anyone's dhimmi. Have a nice day.
I thought I muted this post already, but someone felt the urge to call me on something they didn't even understand! I'm not in mood for discussions now, so I'll make it brief and that will be it for me. Listen. I believe the jurisprudence the government called is wrong. Clear? I said nothing condemning him for speaking against the government. You don't know me. You don't know my political views. My comments were not even political. I showed no condemnation to both sides, the developer and the government.
Now...when I said "ignorance in your part", I meant it. I like how many people walk around yapping about "Sharia Law", yet they know nothing about it. Hell, they don't even know what the term means. All you (they) know is what the dumb media promotes. As if the media is all sacred and all infallible. Go open a book...and please not some book written by someone who matches your views or a book that's written by some western. Do I have to teach you how to research and learn? Fine!
1- Start from an encyclopedia.
2- Read and get a general idea.
3- Find issues that you find interesting or controversial.
4- In Wikipedia you can find sources and references. Use them!
5- In the encyclopedia/sources/references, you will find names and references to people. Research those people and know their background and where are they coming from (mentality-wise).
6- Go to #1
+Mohammed Al Sahaf 57 member nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference openly reject the UN's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" because "EQUALITY" is against the core tenets of Islam and Sharia Law. Let's see you spin that one off as "ignorant".

You said : " I showed no condemnation to both sides"....Well that SIR, is where you FAIL.
+Bill Saunders this is what western news channels Fox,BBC..etc does by manipulating news... on hiding real occupy wall street movement,or Greece disturbing's...??
middle east was not so until you recognized how important oil is for your "corporate owned governments"..??
read some history....

+Mohammed Al Sahaf you are very correct yet polite...:):)
+Ritaj Trivedi OWS and Greece have nothing to do with Iran or Sharia Law. I do not watch Fox News, the BBC, CNN, or any other MSM. I have lived, worked and traveled extensively in other countries and have been exposed to many cultures on multiple continents.

You bring little of value to the discussion. Do you care to comment on why the OIC rejects the UN's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"? Here is Article 2 of the Declaration that 57 MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIZATION OF THE ISLAMIC CONFERENCE REJECT:

Article 2.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.
+Bill Saunders fine i retract for BBC i have no substantial proof for it...
see you your self saying Roman Catholic also did atrocities in name of religion as twisted Islam-ism have done...

see death punishment is wrong for whatever the person has done...

were UN conventions followed before bombing Libya....?

same CIA gave birth to Osama Bin Laden for its motive and rejoiced in killing him...?

their is a big bully guy US with its gang of Europe and it supresses other small guys for oil,minerals.. imperialism,militarism... then a weaker guy Iran which gets guts to speak against him...
US and its gang defame Iranian government...

Allowing pornography,alcoholism only is no freedom..!!

check out channels like Russia Today for clearer news...

see fighting here would not help us... US is a very humanitarian country but Imperialism,militarism on weaker section is not justified by any reason...!!
+Ritaj Trivedi There is no country, culture or religion without blood on it's hands. I am personally against the death penalty and I have the right to petition my government to change it, and speak out against it, and vote against it, and I have in all cases. The "CIA" did not give birth to OBL, he was a wealthy man in his own right and made his own decisions. The USA supported the Mujahadeen (And Northern Alliance) in Afghanistan against the Soviets (Now Russia) who invaded Afgfhanistan - yet you sit here and post in support of Russia news media? And what about Chechnya and the decades of Communist Tyranny in the Soviet Union and her Islamic "Subject States" like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and others? The USA also supported the Northern Alliance against the Taliban. I saw no screams of indignity from the Islamic World when the USA was using it's money, arms, AND OWN SOLDIERS BLOOD, to defend Muslims in Afghanistan against the Soviets (Or Saddam in Gulf War I, or in KOSOVO.
+Bill Saunders - Bill why is US government not against Pakistan getting nuke war power...?
when it is multiple times dangerous than Iran..
much rigid.. anti-woman government....?
bomb explosion is a common thing here...
Government owned by hard core militia like Taliban,Alquaida,and many more,..etc..
Government funding terrorism...?
+Ritaj Trivedi I see you have no response to the OIC rejects the UN's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" fact. Your silence is deafening.
Pakistan is a poor example on your part. Considering the fiasco of AQ Khan's illegal proliferation of nuclear technology (not to mention AQ Khan's vacation retreat on Iran's Caspian Sea coast) Pakistan is a fine example of why Iran should be stopped. One does not build a peaceful nuclear program underground. I also cite the obvious gorilla in the room with the recent destruction of a undeclared nuclear development site in Syria, which Israel destroyed. So, in light of these facts, any country in that region is not to be trusted and have proven they cannot handle the responsibility.
+Bill Saunders interfering exceedingly into internal affairs of Libya,bombing Libya was against UN conventions... was not it so ...??
Nations pursue interests. I am not denying the US get's involved in the internal affairs of many nations. I do not see Islamic Countries condemning the US when it sends billions of dollars to OPEC nations in the Middle East. Or, when we were doing it in the nations and regions I cited above against the Soviets, Serbs or Saddam Hussein in Gulf War I. All nations pursue interests and the world has evolved into a international one where all nations are involved in one another's internal affairs. One cannot have an exchange of treasury with another without it in the modern world. Progress comes slowly in the Islamic World, if at all. It's a Conservatively religious culture. Time will tell.
+Drakkus Psykozohedron You have got to be the biggest moron on Google +, did you seriously just say that we should wipe 3 different whole cultures off the face of the earth? What a tool!
+Bill Saunders what we both wish is same... peace,love for humanity in world and thus same in mid east ....

and +Mohammed Al Sahaf wishes the same...

we are arguing futile...:(:(....

you have genuine Geo-political knowledge which shows you have traveled to many places
+Luke Mailey I agree with what you are saying but when you look at the words of +Drakkus Psykozohedron that does not sound like frustration, it sounds like lunacy. While understanding that the world does not want to wait for change that was not the best way to voice it. I am tired of people being killed for no reason, but there is really nothing that the world can do about it but bring it to the attention of people around the world and put pressure both politically and financially on the regime's to change, baring that bringing back the authorized assassination of the leaders of other countries there is not much we can do.

The governments of "free" countries must back the people in places like this and try to get them to remove the leaders that need to be removed, but this also opens up possibilities that the groups that fill the vacuum are worse than the ones in power now.
+Ritaj Trivedi Thank you for polite discussion. I extend my well wishes to you and your family in case we never speak again.
+Bill Saunders, you mr. need to double check your information before you spread them around!
First, the UN document you're talking about was not the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was regarding Sexual orientation and gender identity.
Second: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is signed by 48 countries, only. Among them are Arab and Islamic countries. Get your facts straight!
3rd! Religion was, and never will, defined by the position of which countries assume. Religion doesn't get the laws and authorities from the countries.
Finally: In response to your childish unthought comment
" You said : ' I showed no condemnation to both sides'....Well that SIR, is where you FAIL. "
I have a position and an opinion but they're none of your business. My comment was nothing but a constructive critique. I don't have to show condemnation of any side, just like the people who +1'd the post don't have to comment on what they liked and what they didn't. MY COMMENTS WERE NOT POLITICAL...until you pushed it! Do you understand yet? I don't have to state my political views on certain things! What the hell is wrong with this world?! What's next? Forcefully extracting opinions out of my brain just to satisfy your curiosity?
+Mohammed Al Sahaf I am not incorrect, and you [b]obfuscate[b] by leaving any mention in your post to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. And the document I mention is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Quote: "The defamation resolution is an offshoot of the disagreement over the definition of human rights by Islamic countries. The UN adopted a universal declaration on human rights in 1948, but the OIC adopted its own Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam in 1990. The UN universal human rights declaration, for example, recognizes the right to change religions, but the Cairo declaration does not. All rights in the Cairo declaration are to be read and understood through sharia law—which does not allow conversion from Islam. A 2008 report by the New York-based Center for Inquiry, a nonprofit that focuses on freedom of expression, contends the Cairo declaration represents "an alternative human rights system, infused with religious language and layered with exceptions, omissions, and caveats," including a religious test for speech."

You sir, put your position and opinion in a public place and made it anyone who reads it, their business. Do not raise a tone with me for your own actions.
I am chatting with someone in Iran right now but he keeps losing his connection. Asking him about this situation and what he knows. Just wondering what the story inside Iran is about it.
He said that they are saying he was in to porn and that is the main charge against him now. He is going to look in to it more and tell me about it. If I get any more information I will post it. He said that international pressure is the only way to stop it, but that will not work either he does not think.
+Tony Sorensen "International Pressure" historically speaking is ineffective. Look at Syria, NoK and Iran. As long as China and Russia cover for them this type of "pressure" is harmless. It took Force to handle Bosnia/Herz, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq. The UN Troops on the Golan right now are sitting ducks....I would hate to be those guys right now, if any are reading, keep frosty.....It took force to remove Queerdaffi. If not for a strong nationalist military in Egypt, it would look like Libya. Syrians are letting loose with the Persian akinakes on their own people, all directed from Tehran. Kurdish autonomy only possible with the forced removal of Saddam, and Kurdish Paramilitaries maintaining order. (Unrest in Turkey muddies the water). Immense US Forces present in the region. Israel is cocked, locked and ready to rock.

This shit is no joke now. All this childish banter on this board about who got +1's, who's political and who isn't, who's got more "shares" is a fucking joke. An absolute fucking joke.
+Bill Saunders I agree totally, I was just reporting what I was told by someone in Iran. I also believe that International Pressure is ineffective. Force in this case is not an option, and I hope it does not come to that America does not need another war zone in the region. I also believe that it is not a joke, as I have been deployed to Afghanistan, and I am going back in the not to distant future.

The regime in Iran needs to go, but more importantly the "supreme" leader needs to go. This can only be done by people on the inside of Iran with the support of the US and her allies. A full scale invasion of Iran is not an option to force change, it can and should only come when the country of Iran's people have had enough and take matters in to their own hands.
+Tony Sorensen Iran may push the issue, they are the unknown variable. It seems to me that the moo-lahhs have painted themselves into a corner. And I worry they are too egotistical to back down, and will rather kill to save face; a desperate enemy. Do we leave them a way out or not?
+Bill Saunders, you, sir, don't know what you're talking about! I said it before and I say it again, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed and accepted by several Islamic countries. Even if the Islamic countries didn't sign it, that doesn't mean Islam forbids it nor doesn't it comply with it. Anyways, check out this link:!909326~!0&ri=7&aspect=power&menu=search&source=~!horizon
Here you can see the voting details in 1948 meeting for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Look carefully and look at all the Islamic countries that have voted with "yes" on it. (If the link doesn't work go to here:
and choose "voting details"). The links I provide you belong to the UN. Double check your facts. Again, I repeat for the billionth time: Islamic countries' position doesn't represent the real Islamic take it a subject. The existence of the Cairo document doesn't mean the absolute denial of the UN document.

Finally, are you serious?! " You sir, put your position and opinion in a public place and made it anyone who reads it, their business. "
I didn't state my opinion about the CONTENT! My opinion was a critique of the writing style! THE WAY INFORMATION WAS PRESENTED! I can't believe you're doing this?! Did you think about this before you type it? I HAVE an opinion about the content, BUT I DID NOT state it. Can you understand that? Think man, think! THINK! I criticized the writing and I don't want to share my opinion about the content. Do you understand this?
+Mohammed Al Sahaf I am really tired of explaining this to you repeatedly. Your English is good, so I don't know what part of this you do not understand. Again, READ IT AGAIN, SLOWLY. Until you demonstrate you understand my assertion, and THAT IT IS ABOUT the ORGANIZATION OF THE ISLAMIC CONFERENCE. I am not incorrect, and you obfuscate by leaving any mention in your post to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. And the document I mention is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

So, here it is again SIR, please try to remove your head from your posterior.

57 member nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference openly reject the UN's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" because "EQUALITY" is against the core tenets of Islam and Sharia Law. Let's see you spin that one off as "ignorant".

When you are prepared to have an honest discussion about this FACT, let me know......

And you said: "signed and accepted by several Islamic countries. Even if the Islamic countries didn't sign it, that doesn't mean Islam forbids it nor doesn't it comply with it."

Care to discuss the OIC sir? Or do you need it explained as to what and who the OIC is?

I am tired of your excuses and sloppy conversation about what is it now? "Writing style"? Whatever Dude, you're not making any sense now. NONE.
+Mohammed Al Sahaf And oh, your opinion is clear, you do not want to condemn any side and you clearly support Sharia Law.

And my opinion is clear. Sharia Law is Anathema to Western Culture. Sharia Law is anathema to the traditional values of tolerance and plurality found in Western Cultures.

And I am willing to bet that in your world, I would not be permitted to say "SHARIA LAW SUCKS"! Without having to suffer the same fate of Saeed Malekpour.
I'm Iranian, & Realy I Want To Prevent This Work, But I Can't Because This Regim Is Brutal.
+Johnny Jane I thought you would be interested in this article:

"Mostafa's ultimate goal was the annihilation of Israel," Fatemeh Bolouri Kashani told FNA on Tuesday."

This is especially disturbing considering the recent Persian akinakes rattling from yesterday:

(CNN) -- Iran warned Tuesday it would strike against an "enemy" threatening it if needed to protect its national interests -- even if the enemy didn't attack first.

People need to come to terms with what this Regime stands for, and relate it to the Muslim world at large. The Regime in Iran is a religious autocratic one, and rules by it's Ja'fari school of Sharia Law. This cannot be disputed.

This same Iran is now seeking to expand it's influence in the Middle East by:

1) Closing it's nuclear sites to the IAEA Inspection Protocols in spite of voluntarily signing the NNPT;
2) Enduring multiple economic sanctions imposed by the UN, EU and USA;
3) Vitriolic Foreign Policy and rhetoric towards Israel
4) Conducting long range ballistic missile tests
5) Violent government crackdowns, imprisonment and silencing of Iranian Dissidents
6) Endorsing and sponsoring the violent crackdown in Syria by the Assad Regime
7) The enduring sponsoring of Terrorist Organizations such as Hizbollah and Hamas
Pretty sure Google+ is blocked in Iran, isn't it? How did you get your post out then +Mohsen FAF? Hummmm??!!
Really? Ok my mistake, been told that by someone who says he is in Iran.
Oh, really, no really??
You are sorry for our people? Shut the fuck up you bitch!!!
Go be sorry for all the people who have been killed by american soldiers in the middle east and no one care about it.
for all the Afghanis and Pakistanis who have been slaughtered and you didn't care about it. for all the black people who have been killed in your country by NYPD and no one really cares about it.
And last but not least shame on you #googleplus , this was not hot you put this post on top!!!
This story about malekpoor is certainly false, It was discussed a while ago.
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