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Great article! Let's stop CISPA.
Privacy and security.... what's that?
Hi +Violet Blue,
When I read H.R.3523, I understand that 'they' are just setting out protocol for Government Contracts between Entities (such as Facebook etc.) and a Government Contracted Security Firm (one that would protect the interests of the US and of Facebook etc.).
In the end the Bill just becomes another means to help companies monetize big-data and to help the Shareholder.

In terms of 'privacy', I think the 'normal user' (such as all of us) would have nothing to fear given that the intent of the Bill is to protect the 'normal user', the US Government and the Entity (Facebook etc.) against a 'serious threat' (unsure what this might be) by sharing data that might be somehow 'useful' to 'Intelligence Community Elements' who have contracted with the Government and Private Sector in an effort to 'protect' us. Whew.

The easiest way to defeat the 'intent' of this Bill is just to post more and more and more and let the 'Intelligence Community Elements' try to make sense of the way real people live-- in the end, they will just be bored from chasing that silly 'white rabbit', so I say, let them have my data those fools.

Given that I am just a simpleton, I've posted a link to the summary of the Bill via the Library of Congress:

BTW. I love what you do, so keep up the good work and please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors that I might have made.
Don't worry guys, hope'n change will put a stop to this.........not.
You cannot fight CISPA. They've anticipated its voting and passed it yesterday.

So you want freedom!? You can have it... as long as you don't live in the USA, of course.
Im so sick of America and the corrupted govt useless spending on stupid shit the epa needs to die and crap like this needs to stop invading our privacy for "the sake of safety" ya know terrorists an all lol the govt are the terrorist
"The Senate Democratic leadership and the White House are holding out for comprehensive legislation. They favor a bill co-sponsored by Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) that would require companies that provide critical services, such as electricity, to develop cybersecurity standards that the Department of Homeland Security would be able to approve. Senate Republicans have opposed the plan as a regulatory burden on industry."
+Al Kordesch Obama will still sign it. And it shouldn't be signed. He'll have to answer for it in a few months, even though his supports can stick fingers in the ears and go "LALALALALALA" like they;ve been doing the last 4 years.
S.O.P. standard operating procedure. any lie that may work. never tell the truth.
What? Are you telling me that another viral campaign was duped because people can easily show support by re-sharing rather than actually reading that which they supposedly abhor? I'm kind of stunned.
i would think that all the face book scams would teach us that ppl don't read so it should be no surprise that u can get all sorts of shares with pretty girls pic and a string of cursing. this should not be a surprise and sipra support knows this also.
they allways lied.,you have nice photos
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