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Author, Journalist.
Basic Information
Awarded author, CNET and CBSi/ZDNet journalist, Zero Day reporter, Oprah's porn pundit, privacy fetishist, motard rider, incendiary device, constant controversy; sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.
Don't get hacked. Make stalker-proof online profiles.

Also: protect yourself from webcam hacking and spying with Privacy Stickers (for computer and PC).

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Check out my newest NSFW book Filthy Housewives, made possible by indie, all-profits-to-authors publisher Digita Publications.

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"One of the 40 bloggers who really count."
-London Times

"Superstar sex writer - Violet Blue."
-Dan Savage

"Helpful, hip, wise and savvy" 
-Mary Roach

"Violet Blue is omnipresent on the Web."

"A connsumate expert, a gentle guide, and the most gorgeous companion." 
-Margaret Cho

"America's leading (very) public intellectual sexologist, Violet Blue." 
-The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies 

"Violet Blue is the leading sex educator for the Internet generation." 

"An anti-evangelist evangelist for sex and technology."

Awards and Honors:

Violet Blue ( is regarded as the foremost sexuality and tech expert and sex-positive pundit in mainstream media (such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Attack of The Show). 

Violet has a popular technology column, CBS Interactive's Pulp Tech and is a CNET contributor.

She is the author and editor of over 40 books (print and digital) that have been translated into six languages.

She is regularly interviewed, and featured prominently by major media outlets including Wired (and Wired UK), Newsweek, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, NPR,, BBC, CNN, NYT, LA Times, Cinematical, PBS: Mediashift, CBS, The History Channel, Esquire, Maxim and more. 

Violet's books have won many awards. Her book "The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn" is excerpted on The Oprah Winfrey website. Blue connected with an audience of over 4 million readers a month with her SF Chronicle column "Open Source Sex". 

Forbes and Oprah Winfrey have both called her podcast (Open Source Sex) "One of the Internet's most popular podcasts." Blue titled her podcast "Open Source Sex" for the intersection of technology and sex, and the free-flowing information exchange of the open source software movement. 

Blue is a freelance contributing writer for outlets such as CNN, Forbes, O: The Oprah Magazine, MacLife, and UN sponsored health organization, RH Reality Check. She is regularly cited in print outlets ranging from Wired UK's "Experts Predict The Future" feature to David Levy's book "Love + Sex With Robots." Violet Blue was the sex expert and is featured across two chapters in Tim Ferriss' book "The Four-Hour Body."

Violet lectures about Internet sexuality to cyberlaw classes at UC Berkeley (Boalt; Samuelson Law Clinic), colleges and community teaching institutions, human sexuality programs at UCSF, tech conferences (ETech, LeWeb, Gnomedex and SXSWi), and also volunteers as an advisor and instructor about sexual health to sex crisis counselors. 

Oft-quoted and sourced, Violet has been a published writer in the field of sex, technology and these cultures since 1998. She has presented two Google Tech Talks at Google, Inc.

Watch Violet Blue talking to Oprah Winfrey on YouTube.

Articles and Columns, Print and Web:
  • 1998 Filth Magazine (Feature)
  • 1998-2005 Senior Copywriter, Good Vibrations (Print and Web)
  • 1999 Gothic Net Magazine (Feature)
  • 1999-2000 Columnist/Editor, Necromantic Magazine
  • 1999-2005 Columnist/Founding Editor, Good Vibes Magazine
  • 2007 O: The Oprah Magazine (Feature)
  • 2008 Forbes (Feature)
  • 2010 MacLife (Feature)
  • 2010 Maclife (Feature)
  • 2010 Bizarre Magazine (Feature)
  • 2010 Bizarre Magazine (Feature)
  • 2000 RH Reality Check (Feature)
  • 2007-2010 Columnist San Francisco Chronicle
  • 2010 Contributor: Read Write Web
  • 2010-present Contributing Editor, Columnist CBS Interactive's ZDNet - Pulp Tech
  • 2011 Lotus Magazine (Feature)
  • 2011-present CBS News contributor, journalist
  • 2012-present CNET contributor, journalist
  • 2012-present Zero Day contributor, journalist
Books Authored by Violet Blue:
  • 2002 Ultimate Guide: Cunnilingus
  • 2002 Ultimate Guide: Fellatio
  • 2003 Ultimate Guide: Adult Videos
  • 2003 Adventurous Couple’s Guide: Sex Toys
  • 2004 Ultimate Guide: Sexual Fantasy
  • 2005 Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn
  • 2006 Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples
  • 2007 Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot
  • 2007 Adventurous Couple’s Guide: Strap-On Sex
  • 2010 Seal It With A Kiss
  • 2010 (Revised) Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus (with Margaret Cho)
  • 2010 (Revised) Ultimate Guide to Fellatio (with Mary Roach)
  • 2011 Total Flirt
  • 2011 (Revised) Fetish Sex: A Complete Guide
  • 2012 (Revised) Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot (with Jesse Bering)
Books Edited by Violet Blue:
  • 2000 Sweet Life
  • 2003 Sweet Life 2
  • 2004 Taboo
  • 2005 Best Sex Writing
  • 2006 Best Women’s Erotica
  • 2006 Lips Like Sugar
  • 2007 Best Women’s Erotica
  • 2007 Lust
  • 2008 Best Women’s Erotica 
  • 2009 Best Women’s Erotica
  • 2009 Girls On Top
  • 2010 Best Women’s Erotica
  • 2010 Best of the Best Women's Erotica
  • 2010 Just Watch Me
  • 2010 Sweet Love
  • 2011 Best Women's Erotica
  • 2011 Sweet Danger
  • 2011 Best Women's Erotica 2012
  • 2012 One Night Only: Erotic Encounters
  • 2013 Best Women's Erotica 2013
  • 2013 Voracious: Erotica for Women
Introductions and Essays:
  • 2004 Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussell (essay)
  • 2005 Naked Ambition edited by Carly Milne, (essay)
  • 2005 Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong, edited by Russ Kick (essay)
  • 2005 Whipped, edited by Carol Queen (short story: fiction)
  • 2006 She’s Such A Geek, edited by Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders (essay)
  • 2008 Best Sex Writing, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (essay)
  • 2008 101 Sexy Dares authored by Laura Corn (contributed text)
  • 2009 Pr0nnovation?: Pornography and Technological Innovation: Monochrom's Arse Elektronika Anthology, edited by Thomas Ballhausen, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Daniel Fabry and Gunther Friesinger (essay)
  • 2009 Best Sex Writing, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (essay)
  • 2010 Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep?: Monochrom's Arse Elektronika Anthology, by Thomas Ballhausen, Johannes Grenzfurthner (essay)
  • 2010 Best Sex Writing, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (essay)
  • 2012 "69" (Tyler, editor)
  • 2012 Of Intercourse and Intracourse: Sexuality, Biomodification and the Techno-Social Sphere, edited by Johannes Grenzfurthner, Gunther Friesinger, Daniel Fabry (essay)
Self-Published Books (
  • 2007 Creatures of the Night
  • 2007 Erotic Role Play
  • 2008 Open Source Sex Ed
  • 2008 Sweet Heat
  • 2008 The Modern Safer Sex Guide
  • 2008 How to Kiss
  • 2012 Fetish Sex: A Complete Guide to Sexual Fetishes
Violet Blue is in no way associated with the unauthorized use of her name (or likeness) in pornographic films.
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San Francisco


Violet Blue

Shared publicly  - 
I posted the introduction to my next erotica collection is an essay examining male bisexuality -- why can't people deal with this orientation? Site is NSFW, the book (Bisexual Husbands, now available for pre-order) is a profit-splitting indie :D
First, it was Filthy Housewives ($3.89). Then for fun, we did Holiday Kink ($2.99). And on March 20th, the third anthology in our series will go on sale!
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Violet Blue

Shared publicly  - 
New NSFW Sex News. It's not all depressing sex-negative news this week... I promise!
With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (here on Amazon), all sales go to the authors! Image via longtime online friend, Unscathed Corpse. Reddit
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Violet Blue

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"...we can also argue that current conventional wisdom in infosec culture acknowledges that many of the best and brightest (and some of the most successful) don't have degrees and would likely be unhirable by these newer 'Master's degrees' standards."

I worked hard on this, I hope you enjoy it.
Summary:In one of three cloud security whitepapers released by Leviathan Security Group today, the firm revealed infosec's problematic hiring arc -- where solutions appear ruinous, at best.
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Kan vi träffas och pöka violet
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Violet Blue

Shared publicly  - 
New, by me - I tried to include some advice for visitors to About sites just in case...
Summary:A security researcher disclosed Monday that over 99 percent of's topic links and domains are vulnerable to open XSS and Iframe Injection (XFS) attacks.
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Violet Blue

Shared publicly  - 
Happy Friday! New NSFW Sex News: Sex trafficking lies, panty selling, blizzard hookups, vaginal steaming.

Yes, steaming - thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow D:

The report on human sex trafficking groups is alarming. "Numbers throughout the murky world of human trafficking are notoriously hard to verify. Truthout looked at 50 of the most prominent domestic groups founded or organized to limit or eradicate human trafficking, or to assist trafficking victims: Many of the most frequently cited statements are easily disputed, if factual at all. There's also no real evidence that human trafficking is growing."
With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (Amazon), all sales go to the authors! Plans are afoot to develop an erotic entertainment attraction in
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For those that want to see more of Jeju's Loveland, I went there last September:
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Violet Blue

Shared publicly  - 
New NSFW sex news! If you look at anything in this post, make sure it's the trailer for R100 - it's hilarious!
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Violet Blue

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If you missed it, today's NSFW Sex News - where you really need to see GoFundMe's blatant (and I believe discriminatory) actions against a lawsuit fund drive with whom it played a policy bait-and-switch. It's insane, and unfair.
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Violet Blue

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"Every Blogger user behind an "adult content warning" page was told Monday by Google to delete sexually explicit content, or find their blog removed from every form of access except invited, registered users.

Until today, Google's Blogger platform previously allowed "images or videos that contain nudity or sexual activity," and stated that "Censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression."

That changed on a whim Monday when Google ripped the rug out from under its previously-compliant Blogger users, who were told they'd be disappeared if Google decided their blogs contain "sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video." (...)"
Summary:In an abrupt reversal of policy, Google will soon disappear blogs on its Blogger platform that don't conform to its new anti-adult policies.
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This is why all of my devices are Microsoft devices, including my phone.
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Violet Blue

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This tells you how to: Set up a credit freeze (best thing I ever did), enact fraud alerts, set charge alerts, spot phishing, spot account resets, and recover accounts if you get hacked.

Anthem hack victims are emailing me with thank you's - the article also explains where Anthem, and others, have failed us.
Summary:Anthem's hack and issues around organization accountability with PII is cause to protect ourselves from identity theft and more, including danger signs, security freeze, fraud alert, and account recovery.
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If an organization loses your SSN, they should pay to protect all of your stuff for life and beyond, until your estate is settled.
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Violet Blue

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New NSFW Sunday sex reads, chilling UK news, psychology, and thought-provoking reports. Enjoy!
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Violet Blue

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I had a little fun this morning :D My #Blackhat film review, visuals by Thor's brother Loki!
Summary:Hollywood's new cybersecurity film Blackhat opened this weekend and bombed hard, despite high praise from infosec elites.
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I went to see it with white hat hacker and we just agreed it was one of the worse movies we ever seen (yes I love Hackers)
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Violet Blue

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I can't believe no one reported on this. So I did. This report was an overview of the DHS in its entirety, an assessment of it since its formation.

"An extensive, embarrassing, and alarming Federal oversight report finds major problems with the Department of Homeland Security, detailing funds spent on spa trips, no plan for an Ebola pandemic, Federal guards untrained in weapons screening, incompetent cybersecurity practices and strategies, and little proof that the DHS is doing anything to make us safer."
Summary:Analysis: A report assessing the Department of Homeland Security since its formation in 2002 finds mission-critical failures across all five of the DHS sectors, and struggles to prove the DHS is effective.
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+Colin Gallagher I never knew there were bloggers blogging about it. The first time I heard it was via CSPAN, some congressmen mentioned it.
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