Sold on Windows 8

One of the advantages of having breakfast with an ex-Microsoft VP this morning (+Lior Zoref)  is that I got to play around with a prototype of a Windows 8 tablet.

Of course, all anyone wants to know about it, is "How does it compare to (can you guess?) the iPad?" Let's put it this way. There is a reason the iPad has dominated the tablet space completely. Namely, no other tablet, software or hardware, came close. UNTIL NOW! (Yes, the nexus 7 is also pretty darn impressive. Relax there, Google fanboys...) :)

This thing is blazing fast, it runs full Windows (Office, and any other Windows program you can imagine), and the experience is fantastic! The iPad has many many advantages, like hundreds of thousands of apps, but when it comes to using a tablet for productivity (you know, real work, not flinging birds at pigs?), I am sold on Windows 8!

And now we wait to see how much the Surface will sell for and when it will hit shelves!

cc +Robert Scoble 
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