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I cried a little for those poor tablets. #Nexus7  vs Apple iPad - Drop/Water test.
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I can't believe they dropped more than 1 Ipad/Nexus...
Apple really needs to look at not gluing down the screen. At least for people like myself that fix devices, if Apple made it so it could be replaced it wouldn't be a huge issue.

Currently with the way it is, if you break the screen, the iPad is junk.

At least with the Nexus 7 it's easy to repair, link to ifixit ->
So again, so far the only reported issue with the nexus 7 is people are retarded and can't cut tape...I wonder if asus used the nanocoating that is used in the razr's.
+Ashton Kelly - the nexus 7 is the same. The screen is glued to the glass as well. In fact, they even mention that in the link you posted.
+Mark Lastiwka Yes this is true, but you can at least take the device apart to replace it.

With the iPad 3 the whole device is glued down and requests a 40+ min process to heat up the iPad 3 to remove it.

With the Nexus 7 if the glass breaks, I would just have to remove it and replace the screen/glass front cover. So it's not 100% perfect but it's better then not being able to replace it at all.
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