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Google Now: How many miles is it from Earth to the moon? – 238,900 miles (384,400 km)

Siri: How many miles is it from Earth to the moon? - I'll look it up for you... 

Graph Search: How many miles is it from Earth to the moon? – Ask your dumbass friends.

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Screw Facebook, I'm already a "manual" Graph Search user. I saw +Brad Thompson 's fortune cookie image, went to check his Twitter feed to see if he had already tweeted the image, found his convo with +Eric Rice about this post, and  #BAZINGA  . Zuck can suck it, I don't need his "search engine". =)
Sorry, but you can't do that with Google Now. I guess you mean Google Voice Search or just the Knowledge Graph...
+Dwala Farmer what do you mean I cant do it? That is precisely WHAT I DID to find this post. I saw Brad's post. I opened his profile and followed his link to his Twitter page. I scanned through his recent tweets, found the convo with Eric, followed that link...
It is EXACTLY how I did it. I don't need no Suckerberg product to get arbitrary results from a tiny pool of data points...
not to mention the longstanding google operator, which will forever yield better results than some insulated circlejerkathon in which users pretend to be friends with people they've never met.
Sid J
So... how many miles? :-) 
Sridhar, I dunno. Go ask your dumbass friends.;-)~
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