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Morons who say Google+ is a ghost town, are just morons.
St James Town, Toronto, Ontario
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I think it has reached critical mass, more activity than ever.
Oh, I know. But, stupid people still roam this planet ;-)
In makes me wonder how the hell Kim Kardashian was a trending topic on Google+..
Is Facebook a Ghost town?

I am posting about change, marketing, society, communication, psychology, programming and all others kinds of stuff on Facebook and just not getting any "likes" and "comments".

And my number of friends is not rising. From the beginning when I had a steady growth, it is just not rising anymore. What is wrong?

Facebook must by dying or something. Oh noooooo....

Being in a social-net-in-the-making, in the middle of a commencing social-net-war is... priceless! The Chinese say "may you live in interesting times". Hey, wait, actually Confucius used it as a curse towards his enemies :-)

Anyway, go to see a real Ghost Town... don't forget the "www| at the beginning, because the URL itself doesn't work :-)
That must be some awesome so.cializing. :) The cutest thing are services where you can create your own social network.
I tried - My god, my brain started to hurt. It felt like everything was scattered everywhere, it's a complete mess. 
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