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The beautiful alarm clock app "Timely" is now free forever. Why? Because they just joined Google.
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Oh and I paid for the premium features 2 days ago.
Good news anyway. 
+Leo Saraiva haha. Funny. I woke up in the morning to check the app out, and found that the bottom ad banner disappeared and somehow unlocked all the premium features. I was lost, thought it was a glitch. Went to dig some info and found out they joined Google. Looks like Android 5.0 will be colorful :P
Let's not get ahead of ourselves. For all we know, Bitspin employees will be turned into breakfast cereal for +Matias Duarte to replenish his design powers. 
Considering the +Bitspin team is also responsible for one of the best tasks apps out there, witch syncs with google tasks (or was it discontinued and nobody told me? ), I'd say they'll be close to Google Keep (timers, reminders, tasks, etc)
Hmm... that theory is spot on. Makes sense. They also won the best app design of 2013, right? Or were they just nominated? 
I just got an email cancelling my premium order. It seems that Google returned $0.99 to everyone who had paid for the premium features on the days before their acquisition. 
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