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Vinoth Ragunathan

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No way! Even though the show has been going downhill for some time now, this news is still a shocker.
No... No... No... 
Christina Applegate is replacing Kaley Cuoco as the character 'Penny' on the 10th season of the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory.
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Applegate will make bank for the only year she's on the show, cuz they'll cancel it.
Dumb show anyways. Can't stand laugh tracks. 
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Vinoth Ragunathan

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All aboard the hype train! Choo-choo.
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+Vinoth Ragunathan I'm also (slightly) obsessed collecting Scene points too. 😆
I hate how they changed the points redeem, such a ripoff now! 
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Vinoth Ragunathan

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Next week... 
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+Vinoth Ragunathan Hahaha the movie is ultra awesome !!! If i talk too much i'll spoil about Crossbone, what i can say is i was disappointed ! It's the only bad point !!
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Vinoth Ragunathan

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Nexus 9 leaves the Play Store and HTC Nexus appears in a benchmark. Looks like we'll see the new Nexus devices in May instead of October 🙃
Multiple reports give us the first details on new Nexus devices.
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Vinoth Ragunathan

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Thank you! At least someone understands. This same shit has been said about Apple since the late 80s, and it's pathetic every time.
I hate to generalize, but I get so tired of hearing this from Chinese companies. Half of their business models are all but clone-stamped from Apple's, and Apple is the one who is dated? Hilarious.

I'll believe LeEco's automotive ambitions are serious when they're confident enough to sell a car. For now, I see a company trying to "beat" Apple to the car game, a game I think Apple has no chance in anyway, simply because that's the narrative that is accepted in the larger tech circle jerk, and that increases LeEco's perceived value.

Eliminating the headphone jack on smartphones is also the most boneheaded fucking thing I've heard in ages, and once again, the only reason it's even a discussion is because Apple might do it. For a company so convinced Apple is obsolete, LeEco sure loves to pander to the narrative around them.
Apple is losing momentum in China by failing to innovate, billionaire entrepreneur Jia Yueting told CNBC in his first international television interview.
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Vinoth Ragunathan

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Vinoth Ragunathan

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AppSales got a nice Material redesign! I have been using this app for years now; probably the best app to keep track of app sales.
Hello Everybody,

we have just released AppSales 5.0 to the Play Store. It might take a few minutes until it becomes available to everyone

Details about the latest can be found in our info-post inside the app but I’ll also paste the text below.

Feel free to leave us some comments or let us know if you have any questions.

Change Notes:
We’ve been working very hard the last few months to complete this update so there is a lot to talk about. The following text should give you an overview about the most important changes, but you can also join us on Google+ or send us an email if there’s something else you want to know or talk about.

What’s new in AppSales 5.0 (tl;dr):
• Modern material design
• New ‘Latest Discount’ section available in the sidebar
• Extended price history (360 days) for Premium-User
• Search functionality
• Improved sale detection
• Support for regional sales
• Google login instead of Google+

# Latest Discounts
There’s a new section on the left sidebar called ‘Latest Discounts’ which displays unfiltered list of the most recent discounts.

True to our motto “The best Apps on Sale” there has always been a small manual review process before a discount appears on our list of sales. This of course means that there is always a delay before sales get published and some of them are simply not published at all for various reasons (e.g. bad quality or rating, a ‘unstable’ price history or simply lack of interest from our users indicated by a low watch count).

Now you can discover the latest discounts before they appear in our sale list and regardless of our decision to publish them. You can also help us with our review process using the ‘like’ function if it’s a great sale or report if the discount is not available in your country.

# Support for regional sales
Our new backend allows us to publish regional sales like the weekly app-deals that are only available in a handful of countries. Spotting a regional discount besides the weekly sales is still nearly impossible for us so we have to rely on your feedback which you can provide by contacting us or through the report function if a app is already listed in the latest discount section.

# Premium
We’ve reduced the annual price of our premium subscription to $1.99 and added features like a extended price history and additional categories. Ongoing costs for our infrastructure and development for the project still prevent us from switching to a one-time payment.

The new price won’t get applied to existing subscriptions. If you have one you need to cancel it and subscribe to our new premium subscription once your old subscription has expired to get the new price. Don’t worry, all Premium Features will be available until the end of your previous subscription period if you cancel it.

# Ads / Promoted Apps
The banner on the bottom ot the screen has been removed but Interstitials still show up at a low frequency. Promoted apps are also making a return depending on your location. Feel free to give those apps a try if they look interesting to you to support our project.

We're well aware that most of you don't get excited about those things but they help us to keep the project running. Oh and don’t forget that you can get rid of them with our Premium Upgrade ;-)

# Translations
English, German and Polish translations are currently available. There have been a lot of changes so we couldn't use the previous translations but we’ll try to reactivate our project at crowdin once things have settled.

# Final words
Completing this update has been a lot of work because we had to basically rewrite the app from scratch. Our backend which provides the data to our app also received a complete makeover and is now running on a different infrastructure to withstand traffic / usage spikes a lot better than our previous system (fingers crossed). All those changes make it very likely that small adjustments during the next few days / weeks will be required until everything works as it should, so please be patient if there’s a small downtime or a bugfix update becomes available which doesn’t add any new features.

There’s a lot more and we also have more things planned for the future which couldn't be done with our old system. If you want to support the project then feel free to leave us a rating / comment on the Play Store, tell your friends and family about AppSales, subscribe to our Premium Upgrade or give those promoted apps a try if they look somehow interesting to you so we can continue working on the project. We’ll also appreciate it if you give us credit when using sales from our site on your blog or social media site.

Last but not least we want to thank everyone that has contributed (directly or indirectly) to the project. This also includes devs which provided us information about their sales, users that have reported sales or bugs, suggested new features or helped us with the translation. And of course a big thanks thanks to everyone that has used AppSales despite the lack of news and updates for such a long time.

THANK YOU and enjoy the new version!

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Vinoth Ragunathan

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"The details are what separate the good UX designers from the great."

A must read article for designers👌 
It's the UX designer's job to make the best experience possible—including all the parts of the experience that nobody thinks to design.
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+Abhishek Maddali "Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” - Steve Jobs

The driving factor for iOS and Apple's success. 
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Vinoth Ragunathan

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The only thing I hate about Material Design: FAB buttons. It's a terrible design choice to have a ball of actions floating around taking up screen real estate and content at the same damn time! As much as the Bottom Bar gets hated on, it actually brings more to the table than a simple FAB button. I'm just surprised it lasted 3yrs.

Another reason why I hardly include FAB buttons for my concepts. Eg:
Rolling out to users now, version 1.19 of Google Photos brings quite a few design tweaks to the Android app. The biggest change replaces the floating action button (FAB) with a search bar that is r…
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+Ahmad N. It wouldn't be so nice if they reduce its size. It looks and feels nice only if it's that size. Good solution would be removing wherever unnecessary and keeping it wherever it's okay 🤔
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Vinoth Ragunathan

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Nexus fanboys then: Nexus 9 is a piece of shit! HTC is garbage! Hopefully they never make a Nexus device ever again!

Nexus fanboys now: I can't wait for the HTC Nexus phone this year. It'll be the greatest thing ever!
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+Paul Grocock all we need is a Nexus 7 (2016) edition! Nexus 7 (2013) was a beast for the price. 
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Vinoth Ragunathan

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Haven't done a concept in awhile, so here it is: Google Camera for Android N

Google Camera:
- Timer, HDR+, and flash at top right corner. Flip for front facing camera with arrows.

Google Camera with settings:
- Ripple effect once pressed on EV, ISO, or shutter speed buttons (highlight in blue for selection); slide from bottom with manual controls. Yellow box for focus with brightness slider.

Google Camera video:
- Countdown timer within the record button, instead of having it float aimlessly on the screen.
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+Yusuf Islam​ thanks, man.

I wanted to put circling arrows to indicate that the button is for "switch camera", but then realized that it looked very cheap in comparison to the square look, maybe having circles everywhere made it look a little off? 
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Vinoth Ragunathan

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Weekend project: Here's my 24x36 poster of Captain America. I'm now ready for #CivilWar 
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+Leonardo Benveniste don't worry, we'll team up again to beat Thanos ;-)
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Food selections are great for an All-you-can-eat restaurant.
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Usually crowded, but good choice of films.
Public - 2 months ago
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Good place for shopping if you're in the Scarborough area
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Needs more stuff on the menu, but other than that it is a great place to just hang out with friends.
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11 reviews
Popcorn chicken is amazing! Too bad their poutine isn't that great anymore.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Just needs all day breakfast, then we're good to go!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Beautiful urban park with a bit of hiking involved.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago