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Inner Nectar

Flowers are all beautiful and colorful,
attracting the observer with the sense of vision and smell...
but he bee is never satisfied by this external appearance,
and has to probe into them to get to their inner nectar

We can do better than the bee,
by understanding the inner personality of people,
and staying with the good after knowing them...

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CJ Cox
excellent close-up!  I have to find my bee on a flower close-up soon :)
How lovely to consider understanding when dealing with others. A sometimes difficult, but necessary, task. +Vinod Krishnamoorthy And what a lovely bee...wonderful macro!
Thank you +Michelle Potter 
It is tough, but is something we can definitely strive to do... for a better environment around us and for us... :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday :)
Yes, wouldn't the world be so much better if everyone made personal application of your thoughtful comment Vinod?
What an exceptional photograph you've taken here - such sharpness and intricate detail right down to it's little forked proboscis with which it does its probing :-) Wonderful analogy.
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