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An amazing capture +Vinod Krishnamoorthy so many things about it are perfect--the contrast, the unusual nature, the colors...wonderful
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The sunny landscape with clear blue skies seems like a faded memory... The good thing is it may come back in few months... Till the the weather gods seem to be having selection amnesia... Let this pic remind them of those good days...

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wow super short jee. excellent.
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Really... Tired already?...

I just came back from a fun (sarcastic) session of shoveling snow, ice and who know what else was there in that heavy mix... While getting back online after a real workout this guy pops in and makes that single remark and goes back into the meditative state...

#wildlifewednesday   #hqspanimals  
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+Paul Paradis Thank you Paul :)
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Time to Wake up

It is time for the Sun to wake up...
When it is sleeping behind the blanket of clouds, why should I wake up this early on Monday...

#hqspanimals   #wakeupnow  
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Congratulations for the Shout out from BTP
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Sleep In

Well it is Sunday and I usually Sleep In ... who cares about shape and posture when that happens...

#wildlifephotography   #hqspanimals   #sleepinsunday  
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+BTP Animal Pro thank you +Janet Clark for the share :)
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Have him in circles
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Fuzzy and Clearing Up

I am guessing the days will clear up by end of the week, to get fuzzy again... Let this cycle continue... :)

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Not on talking terms?  Well seen and beautifully shot Vinod. Great work as always.
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Have a wonderful Friday...

#hqspflowers   #floralfriday   #amaryllis  
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+Delcour Eric Thank you Eric :)
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Cyclic Travel

Why do I get the feeling that I am going around in circles... 

#hqspanimals   #wildlifewednesday   #wildlifephotography  
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+mi joy Thank you :)
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Nemo for Broncos

#Broncos  what? I just happen to have this natural color...

#autoawesome   #Broncos   #NFL  
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+Marie-Louise Augustin Thank you Marie :)
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Have him in circles
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Software Development
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United States
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Software Professional, Gadget Enthusiast, Amateur Photographer
I have done my Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering (Anna University) and have been working in the Software industry since 2001.

After working in the Service industry for few years, I have switched to product development dealing with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

I am interested in Tech News and am constantly scanning the web to get updated on the latest happenings. I follow some technical pod-casts religiously for the same reason. 
  • Anna University
    Mechanical Engineering, 1997 - 2001
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Trying this place for yet another time and there were some new choices to choose from. The calzones were done perfectly and tasted really well, but the Pasta was a bit bland and had to be seasoned adequately to enjoy it... The person attending our table was very helpful, courteous and was timely...
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
We just noticed this new bakery open up and tried it for the first time and were really impressed with the quality and variety of cakes. We then placed order for a cake over phone and got it delivered on time, especially in short notice. The staff is very helpful, but if it gets crowded then you need to be prepared to wait for along time... I definitely recommend this place for anyone who is looking for a good bakery around here
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
I was looking for a PS3 and this was the only store that still had the Black Friday Bundle available. I ordered it online and the shipment was available for pickup in a very short time. The place is good and has a similar arrangement of Circuit City, which used to be here before. The service was not the best though. The person who helped me out finally was good and did a great job, but others in the showroom were not really helpful. Compared to BestBuy, this did not seem like a place that I would like to visit again
• • •
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We have been to many Thai restaurants before but were really impressed with this modest place. This is a small restaurant and the appearance may not get your attention immediately, but we decided to give it to a try and it turned out to be a good decision. The place was not crowded on Sunday afternoon and the owner / manager was really inviting and helpful in making us feel comfortable. The service was good and the place had good options for Vegetarian Definitely a place we are going to frequent more often, for the awesome Thai food offered.
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53 reviews
This is another Thai place in the neighborhood and had been there to try it out. This seems like a small place from the outside, but has good enough seating and has an open kitchen, which is not usually seen around here. The place was moderately crowded when we went for lunch, but we had to wait long for the order to be taken and even a simple appetizer like Roti Kanai took long to be served and tasted like frozen. The main course was definitely lot better and tasted good. The food quality was good, but with so many Thai places around it definitely has a lot of challenge... Pros: Good Food, Decor, Open Kitchen Cons: Lot of wait time
• • •
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Wanted to try out a local restaurant and landed in this place. The place was small, but was packed and had a short wait time to get inside. Being vegetarians, we had limited options but the service was good and food decent.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
I have visited this place mostly on weekdays for Lunch buffet and has a good selection of items. They serve the bread fresh and also prepare Whole Wheat bread, if they are asked for. They also have a good weekend lunch buffet menu with a good mix of items and value for the money
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago