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Vinit Kumar
Senior Engineer at Socialschools.
Senior Engineer at Socialschools.

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Got the update today on moto g3. 

Contrary to popular belief, it might be refreshing to use a typed language such as Java, after writing much code in Dynamic language such as Python. Don't get me wrong, I still love Python, but Java feels pretty neat as well. To be clear: I am writing Java for Android applications and I kinda like it. 

After almost an year in hibernation, It is good to be back, writing and contributing more to open source would be in my agenda

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New Screencast on YouTube.

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Macvim setup

Doing a lot of thinking and probably good planning this weekend which would let me solve tough problems in the coming time. 

Building something from scratch gives so much happiness. Wrote a silly chatbot just to scratch an itch.

Last week at work was very exciting and productive. Hoping to push harder and do better this week.
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