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June 2014 left many cement factories and dealers with a bruised face and bloody nose! August was stable and here's hoping to a stable September as well.

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Adding to the knowledge of the 'ternets
Guide to Buying Cement in Bangalore, India
A person who wants to build his dream home or any other project will want to first choose the cement with which he will be constructing. There are many types and varieties of cement available in the Bangalore and Indian market now, each useful and applied for a specific task.  

This #Guide to Buying #Cement  in #Bangalore is our way of educating the consumer.

Many customers and individual home #builders (IHB) may not have the basic knowledge or background about the cement quality, mix and grade (such as #PPC , PSC, #OPC 43, OPC 53). Many technical aspects and retail rate vs. wholesale prices of cement may not be known by the prospective customer and this can lead to a wrong decision and purchase of cement which can later have disastrous effect on the structure or going over-budget.

Hence it is important to do a detailed survey of various brands and look for reviews of Cement Companies and quality of the product.

Here are some suggestions:
Brand Recall:
Though the big brands are all popular, there are still many brands that are not popular (you don’t see them on hoardings and advertisments everywhere) and still they are used in many popular construction and infrastructure projects.
We would put brand recall in 3 types:
Grade A: Brands such as #Birla Super, #ACC , #Bharathi , #Zuari
Grade B: Brands such as #Coromandel , #Penna , #Dalmia , #Ramco
Grade C: Brands such as #Maha , #Jaypee , #Priya , #Chettinad

There are many local brands that are also sold such as Anjani, KCP and Nagarjuna which sell in low-cost projects and where the contractor is the final decision maker.

Quality level:
Of the popular brands in Grade A and Grade B, there is very little difference in terms of quality. For a 5% difference in price, you may only get 1% difference in quality/strength. This sounds complicated, but we usually suggest to customers to go for whatever fits their budget. All Grade A, B and C cements are manufactured in international standard factories and tested for ISI quality.

Technical Grade:
Do you need PPC, PSC, OPC 43, OPC 53?
This is a question for a longer article. For now, it suffices to mention that go with OPC 53 for best long-term strength. If you want cement for plastering and other non-structural and non-load bearing work, go with PPC.
Again, please check with your civil contractor, site engineer and architect for exact mix and grade to be used.

Read more about Cement Brands here

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CopperSpiral's RFID and Biometric products are now on Google Plus
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