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Vincent Velema

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Bucket list suggestion; Brooklands race track
So I was watching this television program on old Bentley race cars, cool stuff! I thought let's add this race track to my bucket list. I forgot the name, something with Brooklyn orrr nah that's to New York'ish. But I couldn't remember. And here's Google semantic search to the rescue!

Brooklyn race track gives me only Brookland's race track results. Nice :)

#SemanticSearch not #keywords 
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You 'r way too young for a Bucket list.
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Vincent Velema

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I wish I could go and watch +Jarno van Driel​ present this case study! Taking semantic markup to the next level and now after having it online for quite a while, show the impact it has made. Awesome. This will be good!

#disturbanceintheforce it will cause. Progressive #seo 's take note! #semanticsearch is about to have a positive ROI case go public :)
"... telling the success story of a website"

The agenda for Smart Data (née SemTechBiz/Cognitive Computing Forum) has been announced, and - as per the call out link - SemSearch's own +Jarno van Driel will be presenting.

What "success story" will Jarno talking about, and does it have any relevance to semantic search marketing?  Well, it's...

"... the success story of a website that was semantically optimized by the use of and other protocols. Details will be provided on what was optimized, data showing semantically-enriched webpages generated substantially more search engine-referred traffic than non- or less-enriched control groups did, and insights gained by re-using structured data to measure its impact on search."

Sounds slightly relevant, no? ;)

Looking forward to hearing Jarno speak, and to the other conference sessions - looks like a great lineup:

#semanticseo   #schemaorg   #smartdata   #conferences   #semanticweb  
A Website’s Structured Data Success Story
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Vincent Velema

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Wow! Indeed. Great picture and you really want to check the hashtag #Calbuco for more of those amazing shots.

#Volcano #photography #wow
Just wow! A mind-blowing photo of #Calbuco volcano erupting by Marcelo U:
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Vincent Velema

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Nice tutorial on getting the most out of youtube. Don't forget the cards :)

#Youtube #video
Want to learn how to create great content on +YouTube? Check out the updated Creator Playbook:
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Vincent Velema

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This part of the Netherlands is so pretty these days :)
#bollenstreek #narcissus #photography
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I'm like Dorothy from oz I'm getting sleepy
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Vincent Velema

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Is your website mobile friendly?
Mobile takes center stage as Google's Mobile algorithm update will be released April 21st. Here on #plusonly  Google+ +Google Webmasters  setup a couple of interesting Hangouts so you know what to optimize to get your site ready for mobile users and top rankings! 

#seo   #mobileSEO   #rankingfactor  
Basics of a mobile website for SMBs
Join us for a 4-part web series on making great mobile sites for your small and medium businesses. Learn the correct configurations, go-to tools and optimization strategies to make a big impact on both your customers and search engines. Invite your company's web developers, webmasters, decision-makers and marketers. We'll see you soon!

1. Learn the tools: PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile-Usability

2. Bring it in: Viewports, zoom and plugins

3. Focus on the user: Tap targets, margins and font sizes

4. Set it right: Redirects and canonicals

#MobileMadness #mobilefriendly 
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Vincent Velema

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Automattic acquires WooCommerce
Awesome, woocommerce (Woothemes) is now part of Automattic, the originator of wordpress :) I think this is great news :) Power to the word! and commerce too :)

#WordPress #woocommerce #opensource
For years, we've been working on democratizing publishing, and today more people have independent sites built on open source software than ever before in the history of the web. Now, we want to mak...
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Ok - I never got more than 50 products.

Keep in mind that your host plays a role as well: their server needs to be 'optimized' for WP & WC - too often 1 setting ruins the performance and you have to contact support for it to be fixed.
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Vincent Velema

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Looking for a developer to bring some brightness to the world of semantic search. Let's open source develop a great tool with world renowned semantic web/markup master +*****
Looking for volunteers

I'm gonna go out on a limb for a moment and ask a cheeky question:

Is any of you willing and able to help me build a visual graph tool?

This question might seem strange as only last week I wrote a bookmarklet for the RDF2SVG tool by +Roberto García​​​ - which is wonderful in it's own right - but which just doesn't cut it for me.

I ran a few pages from my case study through the tool and my monitor sort of exploded because of the amount of markup those pages contain. And even after having zoomed Chrome out until it wouldn't zoom out any further the graph still would fit onscreen (and it became unreadable).

Now I've been walking around with some ideas on how a tool like that should work for a quite long time already but unfortunately I lack the programming skills to build such a tool myself. Therefore I am looking folks who are willing and able to build one with me, which the way I see it, will mostly involve D3.js and JSON.

And in case you're wondering, I'm not out to only benefit myself as the idea also involves open-sourcing the project. So helping me out implies you'll (hopefully) be helping out many.

Anybody interested?
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You're welcome. It would be of great benefit to many, so how could I not :) On to a better semantic web! 
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Vincent Velema

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Whoah is that a surprising move. Microsoft about to support Cyanogen's version of Android? Office, hotmail and Skype ok but Bing... On an Android device?

Shocking, but... competition is good :) I see greater things come to vanilla Android! Nexus ftw. Read all about Microsofts move:

What's next picking up steam? I mean Nokia running Cyanogen's Android OS? :o)

#Microsoft #Android #Bing
Microsoft partnership with open-source, Android-based Cyanogen OS makes one thing very clear: Android’s not just for Google anymore.
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Vincent Velema

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Interesting new development: Google will use schema markup to present URL's likebreadcrumbs in the searchresults. I'm not so confident this is what we all want, but lets see how this unfolds. It's surely good news for Schema markup :)

#schema   #SEO  
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Yes +Vincent Velema It's been 3 years. But for 2.7 years, I worked in a product company. So my roles were more than development to administration, SEO & analytics parts also.
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Vincent Velema

Travel Photography Bucket List  - 
It's that time of the year again, all the flowerfields are at their most beautiful the coming month! Come over and enjoy more flowers then you have ever seen /smelled :)

Some more/better pictures here

#netherlands #bollenstreek #noordwijk
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Vincent Velema

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Important learning; do not start a social media campaign on controversial or outright awful practices. Our we the people will tell you the truth :) Let's hope SeaWorld will soon close their abusive 'entertainment' parks.

#emptythetanks free #blackfish
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Hi, my name is Vincent Velema, born and raised in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. 

From being a marketeer with a strong branding background, I have developed myself as an online marketing expert, that hasn't lost touch with branding and general marketing strategy. Building  brands, tightening relationships with target audiences, attracting new business and improving bottom end results. 

In my network I always find the right professional, at the right time, to get a job done. Entrepreneurial, as an employee, independently, or leading a team to outperform.

In my spare time I like to kitesurf, windsurf, surf and sup, depending on the conditions. I like to travel the world and I am interested in philosophy. I overspend on the latest gadgets ;) and like photography. Feel free to circle me and get in touch. Let's share our passion.


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Mooie ruime sauna met veel faciliteiten. Ondanks dat de parkeerplaats vol was en het dus behoorlijk druk was, viel dat binnen niet erg op. Dat er geen kraantjes zijn om water bij te vullen is jammer. Ook de gebrekkige informatie over de verschillende ruimtes en services (massages e.d.) mag beter. Ruimte voor verbetering, daarom 3 sterren.
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Erg teleurgesteld in deze firma. Na het (slordig) plaatsen van dubbel glas schoot er binnen een week een barst in. Na telefonisch contact werd me verteld dat ik het maar op mijn verzekering moest claimen. Slechte kwaliteit, slechte service.
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Oven fresh baguettes topped with the taste of Vietnam. Great for lunch or a small bite. (or order 2 ;)) the bubble tea and summer roles are... different! Give it a go!
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
The most impressive moonscape in the world :) this is truly an out of this world experience. the lake, the sulfur mining, bluefire (bring a red fireworks torch that is sold in the shops near ijen) If you are ever in the neighborhood, go here and experience it yourself. (its only a couple of hours away from Bali and should be on any East Java or Bali itinerary. I think its more impressive then Bromo. 5 stars for sure.
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70 reviews
Great burger! This lounge beach club offers all you need for a nice day at the beach. Beach, lounge, restaurant, enjoy!
Public - a week ago
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One of my favorite modern art museum in the world, that is modern art-chitecture itself. What an impressive building! Enjoy the glass tubes holding the stairs from floor to floor, enjoy the view from the terrace and all the artworks inside! Love modern art? Visit Centre Pompidu and buy a mug as a souvenir!
Public - 2 months ago
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First hotel in my two week trip where I could not book the online offer at the reception. Besides that, an online offer on their own website saying stay three nights, pay two, does not mean I have to stay 5 nights. What frauds. I enjoyed staying at the neighbors. Same view, better service!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago