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Until now, the DFP API only supported the OAuth 2.0 native/installed application flow. The OAuth 2.0 service account flow was only supported it you had a Google Apps for Business Account. Today, we’re unveiling the new OAuth 2.0 service account flow for DFP. This authorization flow has been simplified to no longer require a Google Apps domain. We’ve also updated the DFP web UI to allow service accounts to be added to be a DFP network. See the link below for more information.

+Kevin Lei 

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Today, we launch v201408 of the DFP API. This release features the addition of a new table to the Publisher Query Language service, some changes to the LineItem.Goal object, a multitude of enhancements to our Sales Manager services, as well as changes to our server endpoint and scope URLs. For more information on this release, please see our blog post linked below.



F trains running on the ACE line on a Monday morning, what could go wrong?

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A Thousand Kilobots Self-Assemble Into Complex Shapes

When Harvard roboticists first introduced their Kilobots in 2011, they'd only made 25 of them. When we next saw the robots in 2013, they'd made 100. Now the researchers have built one thousand of them. That's a whole kilo of Kilobots, and probably the most robots that have ever been in the same place at the same time, ever.

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At Google, we always want to be transparent with you about changes to our API. We recently announced v201405 of the DFP API, and, in v201405, we consolidated a line item's goal fields into its own Goal object and added the field LineItem.primaryGoal. During this refactor, the LineItem.duration (previous versions) field was removed from LineItem, but didn't make it into the Goal object due to an implementation error. This means that, in v201405, you cannot set the duration field when creating or updating line items. Instead, the server will set it to the default value. #dfpapi  

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Today, we launch v201405 of the DFP API. This release brings better OAuth2 standards, consolidates line item goal information, and adds a lot more report fields. For more information on this release, please see our blog post linked below.


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Reminder: Sign up for the Ads API Workhops on Display Event

We still have some openings for the  Ads API Workhops on Display Event. The workshop will cover the following display ads products:

DoubleClick for Publishers API
DoubleClick Sales Manager API
Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK
Mobile Ads SDK

These workshops are a great way for you to meet with the display ads API team and ask questions in person. This is also a key occasion for members of the community to bring their feedback directly to us. Most of all, it's a great opportunity for you to exchange ideas and best practices with fellow developers.

We are inviting you to join us in the following cities:

New York, Tuesday, June 17
San Francisco, Monday, June 23

Click the link below to fill out the registration form! We’ll send a confirmation email in the coming weeks to let you know if you have a spot.
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