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Interested to see how this all pans out in the future
kubernetesio “Customers should be able to pick container runtime and format based solely on  technical merits"  #tns
Google announced last week its support of CoreOS’s effort to become a maintainer of appc, an emerging specification for containers. Designed to enable containers to bear multiple processes, it appeared to many an endorsement of CoreOS’s bold manifesto for containers that could be more closely aligned with Kubernetes’ support of clustering. That appearance was soundly …
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Ian Lake originally shared to All things Google:
Project Fi Setup
Got my Project Fi SIM card today! Just a little 'Let's connect' nice looking packaging and the easiest instructions imaginable: just insert the SIM card. I love the usage of a paperclip both as packaging material (holding the instructions and the SIM card together) and as a tool to change the SIM card - very clever and cute.

Not sure how it works if you don't have the Project Fi app installed (I couldn't wait!), but immediately upon putting in the SIM card the Project Fi app popped up a notification asking me to finish activation. After selecting my account, it took only a few minutes to get fully activated (in the background as I continued to use the device - a nice touch).

Since I moved my Google Voice number over, it only took a short while to get everything up and running - I believe moving over a different number takes a longer period of time (depending on your carrier), but for me I was getting calls and SMS messages to my Google Voice number right awa- as standard calls/SMS - no Google Voice app required!

I had already moved my Google Voice into Hangouts as much as I could, but having native calling just use my Google Voice number is pretty amazing and exactly what I wanted from Project Fi.

The app itself, which is enabled once activation completes, is just what I wanted: easy to use, complete control over everything in my account, and no extraneous other things or upselling.

So far, extremely happy. Service at my house was really good with T-Mobile and continues to be really good with Project Fi. I'll have to see over the next few weeks how service compares (although I really had no complaints about T-Mobile - coverage wasn't a primary reason I switched to FI).
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I follow my man, along with endless sea of Android recruiters lol. Yeah, its been too long...let's get the families together one day for dinner or something. All the guys are getting together this Friday to celebrate Don's return from Afghanistan. Hit me up...
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Too bad I can't just move my old posts here :(
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Checkbook ready...
Mazda might crash the Focus RS party and we're OK with that.
A report suggests that Mazda will soon reveal the Mazdaspeed3, which will come with 300 HP and AWD.
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I always loved samosas
It will take your 3-4 minutes BT it really worth more than that plzzz read

Don't Miss This..

"After reading this you will think that you are in the wrong business
The Samosa Vendor: A must read 

“Today in India its unbelievable..
The numbers are a little difficult to swallow,.....
But interesting nevertheless.”

(Mail was Sent By A Friend)

It was my regular train journey home from work. I boarded the 18:50pm train at from Paranur.
When the train was about to leave Guduvanchery, a samosa vendor with an empty basket got on and took the seat next to me. As the compartment was sparsely occupied and my destination was still far
away, I got into a conversation with him.
Me: "Seems like you've sold all your samosas today."
Vendor (smiling): "Yes. By God's grace, full sales today.""
Me: ""I really feel sorry for you people. Don't you get tired doing this tiresome job the whole day?"
Vendor: ""What to do, sir? Only by selling samosas like this every day we get a commission of .75 paise for each samosa that we sell."
Me: "Oh, is that so ? How many samosas do you sell on an average each day?"
Vendor: "On peak days, we sell 3,000 to 3,500 samosas per person. On dull days, we can't even move 1,000 samosas a day. On an average, we sell about 2,000 samosas a day.""
I was speechless..... for a few seconds. The guy says he sells 2,000 samosas a day; at .75 paise each, he makes about 1,500 rupees daily, or 45,000 rupees a month. That's Rs. 45,000 a month. OMG. I intensified my questioning and this time it was not for time pass.
Me: ""Do you make the samosas yourself?""
Vendor: ""No Sir. Our proprietor gets the samosas through a samosa manufacturer and we just sell them. After selling we give him the money and gives us 75 paise for each samosa that we sell.""
I was unable to speak a single word more but the vendor continued... but one thing... most of our earnings are spent on living expenses. Only with the remaining money are we able to take care of other business.
Me: ""Other business? What is that?""
Vendor: ""It is a land business. In 2007 I bought 1.5 acres in Urupakkam for 3 lakh rupees and I sold it a few months back for 15 lakhs. Now I have bought land in Uthiramerur for 5 lakh rupees.""
Me: ""What did you do with the remaining amount?
Vendor: ""Of the remaining amount, I have set aside 6 lakhs for my daughter's wedding. I have deposited the other 4 lakhs in the bank.""
Me: ""How much schooling have you had?""
Vendor: ""I studied up to third standard; I stopped my studies when I was in the 4th standard. But I know how to read and write. Sir, there are many people like yourself, who dress well, wear a tie, wear
shoes, speak English fluently and work in air-conditioned rooms. But I don't think you guys earn as much as we do wearing dirty clothes and selling samosas.""
At this point, what could I reply. After all, I was talking to a millionaire! The train chugged into Chromepet station and the samosa vendor got up from his seat.
Vendor: "Sir, this is my station...have a good day."
Me: "Take care."
What more is there to say!''
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Great article with tips on running Docker in a production-like environment.
Hello, everyone! We over at recently moved our internal operations to +Docker -- and we've been in love ever since! So, we decided to write a guide on how to migrate as painlessly as possible to get the best results. We thought you'd enjoy! :)
The first issue with Docker is that Boot2Docker is such a great tool that you forget that you're not running on your own machine.
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Counting down the days
So close, yet so far away. Who's excited for the Focus RS?
The Ford Focus RS has been spotted testing in Denver, Colorado. See these original spy shots exclusively at Motor Trend.
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Vincent Smith

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Its about time
Yup, it's real. The @Ford GT is definitely real: #NAIAS #FordGT
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Vincent Smith

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No, #Microsoft #Excel this seem easy enough for you to fix.... no need to burden the user with this nonsense.
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This is it! Happy sysadminday everyone!!! The best cake ever I've seen for sysadminday via @tekcurmudgeon 

#sysadminday   #gnu   #linux   #unix   #windows   #IT   #sysadmin  
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