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People on the internet have a lot of time on their hands. That being said, brilliantly done.
awesome, haha..
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Vincent Phibes

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I want this!
Amazing t shirt thats going viral at
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Vincent Phibes

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Nice parenting. 
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Vincent Phibes

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Vincent Phibes

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Tea, Earl grey, hot.
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Vincent Phibes

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Vincent Phibes

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Guilty as charged. Not all the time, but quite a few.
I always tell people I watch Anime for the "plot"
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Okay, this is pretty awesome!
Enter the TARDIS via Google Maps

Map Link:

Move your mouse around a bit. The standard Google Maps directional arrows should pop up, with one little addition: a pair of double arrows. Click those. (Note: If you’re enrolled in the new Google Maps UI beta, the arrows might not appear. Instead, hit the up arrow on your keyboard.

// via

~DSD #DoctorWho #TARDIS #DW50
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Vincent Phibes

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Miku playing the violin, I believe. An electric one?
Vocaloid Hatsune Miku
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Vincent Phibes

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"CUBOZOA" by *Avine

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Vincent Phibes

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Guitarist, nerd, Linux enthusiast, gamer, and horror movie fanatic with way too much time on his hands.

My name is Vincent Phibes and welcome to my page! My page is a refuge for random rants, even more random YouTube videos, Linux stuff, and all things nerdy. The tag line pretty much says it all, I am proud of who I am and the things I am into. My idea of fun is distro hopping to whatever random one I can find on Distrowatch, settling down with a nice JRPG with a Guinness and cigar in hand. I'll be the first to admit that I tend to be very biased, I also speak my mind regardless whether anyone else is going to agree with it or not. Like everyone else, I base my opinions on my own personal experiences and viewpoints. Keep in mind when reading anything that I post, most of the time it's all in good fun. I welcome anyone to debate anything I have to say, if I am wrong about something factual, let me know. If your resources are viable enough, I will adapt to it. I rather be corrected and be right rather than thinking right about everything and come off sounding like an idiot. That being said, if you are claiming that my opinion is wrong for the sole reason that it's contradictory to your opinion, chances are my feelings aren't going to change any time soon.

With that out of the way, here are some of the things I am into:

My favorite Linux distros are:

Fedora: A nice sweet spot between “bleeding edge” and stability. The installer is easy to understand, YUM is awesome, LVM is set up perfectly for me by default, and I have yet to have any major problems with it. All I have to do is add a few extra repos (courtesy of FedoraUtils and easylife) and I have every package I could ever want and all of it is up-to-date. After that all I really need to do is install Cinnamon, tweak the theme, and I'm good to go.

Arch: It's whatever you want it to be with every package under the sun. If you are a terminal junkie that wants nothing but the newest stuff, it's totally worth the effort to install it. Just make sure you are experienced with the terminal before you even look at the wiki page.

OpenSUSE: Another distro that is a nice blend of stability and cutting edge. The stock theme is always beautiful, it's ludicrously easy to ass new repos, and getting packages not included in the repos is pretty painless. Definitely worth a try.

Debian: Other than just a few mounting annoyances (more than likely my own fault), it's the most stable and reliable distro I have ever used. I have never seen it crash, getting extra repos is extremely easy, and it's quite a bit faster than Ubuntu. Even the “testing” repo is rock solid and stable, if you can get past the installer, it's a distro you need to try out at least once.

Deepin: One of the only Ubuntu spins I find myself trying out again and again even if I'm using something I really like. They are doing some really nice things to Gnome Shell to make it very functional and very beautiful. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Sabayon: Bleeding edge packages, a HUGE repo with all the packages you could ever want, stable, rolling, fast, and an intuitive and easy to read terminal. I cannot give this distro enough praise, if you are looking into taking off your Linux trainging wheels, give it a try. Just make sure you are comfortable with a terminal, it makes life a little easier.

Favorite genres of video games:

JRPGs: I have been a huge fan of this genre ever since a friend of mind introduced me to Wild Arms for the PS1 back when it was brand new. It's the genre that showed me of a whole new world of gaming, something other than a side-scroller. JRPGs have amazing (yes, sometimes downright SILLY) stories with amazing characters that you wind up empathizing on a very personal level by the time you put a couple of hours in. To me, the SNES-PS2 era was the best era for this genre. I have way too many games from this genre to even list off, some of my absolute most favorites are: Mario RPG*, FFVI, FFVII, Ar Tonelico, Digital Devil Saga, and Persona 3.

*Nintendo, WHY U NO MAKE HD REMAKE!? Maybe a sequel, maybe a prequel, SOMETHING!

Fighting games: I love Street Fighter, Tekken, and King of Fighters all for different reasons. They are all challenging and a blast to play, especially when fighting against your friends. All three games franchises require fast reflexes, good memory, and strategy to win.... or you could just tap buttons and do semi-circles and hope for the best. Noob.

8 & 16 bit sidescrollers: I love Sonic and I love Mario, played both franchises tirelessly and still love them to this day. I love these kinds of games to a fault, even the endless source of frustration that is Mega Man I still pick up and play every once in a while when I feel like being masochistic. I have beaten Sonic 3 linked with Sonic and Knuckles more times than I can count. I have beaten Valis, I have somehow beaten most of the Mega Man games. These to me, are the most fun games to play. They require patience, skill, and tenacity that I personally don't see in a lot of modern games. Of course I'll exclude games like XCOM, League of Legends, and other RTS', they are still targeted towards intelligent players that want a real challenge.


Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy: I'm a sucker for dry and witty British humor.

Sephen King's: The Dark Tower sereis: A lot of kids my age got back into ready because of Harry Potter, I rediscovered my love for book from this series. If you haven't heard of this series before, START READING THEM NOW!

Lord of the Rigns: There isn't anything I can say that hasn't been said already a hundred-million times. They are excellent in ever sense of the word.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: Edgar Wright, one of my favorite directors, directing one of my favorite graphic novel series. It's an amazing adaptation that broke my heart to see it bomb in theaters. It was full of video game and anime in-jokes with some really clever writing. It's by no means a flawless movie, but it's still my all-time favorite film solely because it's something I can watch over and over again without getting tired of it. The writing is clever, it was very well casted, and they kept most of the source material.

Flash Gordon: THE cheesy 80's action movie. Period. The acting is atrocious, the effects are equally atrocious, the costumes are outrageous, the writing.... well it's based on a golden-era comic book series so how do you think the writing is? It's a movie so awesome that Queen performed the theme song! A must-see!

A Clockwork Orange: I love Stanley Kubrick, his intelligence is only matched by his dementia. He's a perfectionist that really had a lot of depth and really explored the dark parts of the human mind, sometimes at the expense of telling a coherent story (i.e. the monkey scene in 2001: a Space Odyssey). This just happens to be one of his most demented films, a story about a boy who relishes and takes unparalleled and perverse pleasure out of just being evil. He goes from being almost an anti-christ to being a (forced) model citizen, and back again. Written so well, someone that you should loathe and dispise, for whatever reason, you wind up feeling kind of sorry for. Well played Kubrick, well played.

Transformers: The movie (the Original movie from '86, not the brain-dead Michael Bay film). It's a cheesy, 80's, hour-long toy commercial. It's epic, well animated, well written, and awesome. You got the touch! You got the pooooowwwwwwwweeeeerrrrrrrrr! YEAH!

Now for some things that annoy the piss out of me:

Fanboys: you know, the people that reffer to you as a “fagot” or “idiot” for merely disagreeing with their personal point of view. If I were to genuinely “hate” something in life, it would be willful ignorance. Ignorant for the sake of being too lazy and set in your ways to change. Barricading anyone's point of view because you can't stand to have someone disagree with you is pathetic and asinine. I don't know when brands became religious figures where it's something you are supposed to worship it and pay tribute to and anyone else that follows the trends of another company is an infidel, is quite frankly, beyond my understanding. Loving Android and Linux doesn't give me the right to make Apple and Windows users miserable, you are not doing your cause any favors. You are making anyone that uses those products look like arrogant, close-minded, buffoons. Seriously, KNOCK IT OFF!

Modern FPS': I grew up with DOOM and Wolfenstien 3D, to me, those are First Person Shooters. They are intense, fast-paced, and a lot of fun. That being said, I personally don't care for COD(piece) and Twattlefield, to me, they seem more like point-and-click games for people with no attention span. I played quite a bit of COD online and off, didn't care for it. I didn't care for it for the same reason I don't care for Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2. I have played the offline campaign all the way through as well as spending at least 3 hours online. The stories are mediocre, the characters are forgettable, and I loathe playing online. Being cursed out, threatened, and yelled at by a bunch of 6-year-olds merely because I'm not as good as them, nor wiling to put in the time to do so is not my idea of fun. Yes, I could get better, but because I loathe the community so much I don't want to. Seriously, high school was less hostile and judgmental.


If it exists, I probably listen to it. I may not care for modern country nor modern hip-hop/rap, but I'm open-minded enough to give anything a listen to at least once. I listen to anything from any time period, any country, any language, and any genre. All of it has something beautiful to offer, all different kinds of experiences. My 5 favourite bands are:

Living Colour: Metal mixed with jazz and blues being performed by virtuosos with so much soul it practically bleeds out of your speakers. Not a single song from them I don't like. I can't praise them enough. They are the ones that did the song “Cult of Personality”, still one of my all-time favorite songs.

Melt-Banana: They are completely insane, it's Japanese punk music after 4 lines of coke with completely incomprehensible lyrics that to this day, I have absolutely no idea if any of it is in English or not. It's my favorite noise band for a reason, listen to “Chain Shot to Have Some Fun” to see why.

Blind Guardian: Power metal at it's best, it gets you pumped up, it's cheesy, it's fantasy based, the musicianship is stellar, the lyrics are amazing, it's just a blast to listen to. Listen to the song “I'm Alive” and you will definitely feel that way while you are listening to it.

KMFDM: I love industrial and this is one of those artists that help me get into it in the first place. It's dark, it doesn't pull any punches, and has a driving beat that will get your heart pumping. Give Nihil a listen, you won't regret it, the song “Ultra” alone makes the album worth a listen.

Do As Infinity: My favorite JPOP band, the music is beautiful, the vocals are beautiful, the mood it generates is beautiful, it's just a band that helps create a beautiful atmosphere. I love them just as much now as when I first discovered them back when Cartoon Network aired “Inuyasha”, the song “Fuki Mori” (Deep Forrest) is the ending theme to the third season. Their earlier stuff is better then the latter but all of their material is amazing.

I can go on but this is drawn out enough, if you want to get to know me, give me a message. I'll be more than happy to respond, especially when it comes to the aforementioned subjects.

Bragging rights
I have installed Arch Linux so many times that it's actually easy for me now, I have also successfully installed Gentoo multiple times, and I have tried out pretty much every major distro featured on Distrowatch.
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Amazing t shirt thats going viral at

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