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Graduating another extra: making phone calls from inside Hangouts

In the past few months, we’ve graduated two widely-used features from Hangouts with extras to the main Hangouts experience: screensharing and Google Docs. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re graduating a third and very popular feature -- the ability to call a phone number from Hangouts. Calls to the US and Canada are free, and international calling rates are super, super low (

To dial in someone:
- When you’re in a hangout, click on the “Invite” button and then on the “+telephone” link.
- Enter the number you want to dial, and hit “Add.” (Note: You can only call one number at a time. Dialing a second phone number will replace the existing call.)

As always, let us know what you think in the comments, or via the “Send feedback” button!

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i don't get it. why you call with phone when you can just hangout..really i don't get it . I
Fantastic! Great job +Vincent Paquet :) Thank you to you and your team for all of the hard work and amazingness you all :)
Really great news, too bad the limit is only 1. I think 2 or 3 would of been more useful
Awesome. Now add the ability to add multiple calls, and the ability to have a special call in number (maybe with a auto-generated pin code) Maybe something that could be set up and scheduled in advance. Scheduled hangouts aren't a bad idea for businesses and those who want to get certain people involved in a hangout session. Right now you have to just tell everyone to look for your hangout at a certain time. Why not give them a link in an email that also includes a call in number and pin code (for those who are audio only)?
If the "international calling rates are super, super low" make them free too! The world is not just US and Canada...
Despite this, nice feature.
Thanks for this +Vincent Paquet! That makes Hangouts an even better feature. Skype has nothing on Google now! Hangouts is so much better.
Still waiting for On-Air functionality to be rolled out across the board. Thx!
So how about adding video calling to this? Or maybe outcall to Skype?
+Jeff Smith +Jessica Voigts I would think there are issues with rolling out global on-air broadcast ability across the board; primarily controlling abuse of the technology and what content is broadcast. There are numerous ways people in an on-air hangout could violate Google policy and since it is being broadcast live there is no effective means of stopping that. This means that there needs to be some sort of vetting process for who has access to on-air hangouts. I suspect they're working on a solution.
Nice feature, great job google, keep it up
So now the only thing extra about hangouts with extras is the ability to have a named hangout?
Simply awesome!!!! thanks for the continuous improvements
Thanks, would still like the 2 caller option though...and a way to use Hangouts on those older mobile devices with only 1 camera...even if they can only see the others and not send video...or select to either send or receive video to/from the Hangout with the 1 camera/Screen
This depends on having Google voice? I still don´t know how to get a phone number there. Is there a place where you can choose a phone number as I haven´t been able to find it +Allan Palmer
You do not have to have Google Voice to use it.
Thanks +Tim Brooks but I can see all kind of account settings but no option to set or choose a phone number.
+Vincent Paquet Im trying to find a means to contact your team about this:

I am running for state legislature in a place called oregon, and i am
attempting to create a foundation that promotes political transparency, by
creating software and a pledge like grover norquist. What I'm attempting
to do is have all my emails, text messages, phone calls, and bank records
posted on my website.

I've been having difficulty with google voice, and would like to do 2
things that I can't currently.

1. have an API that I can use to either directly download / sync my google
voice data onto my website/webserver daily.

2. be able to record outgoing calls in google voice.

Doing #1 for not only voice, but for other products, would be appreciated
by myself and other programmers. It would allow us to be able to write
programs that utilize our data located on google servers, like for
instance a syndication program that publishes your G+ posts in other

Please add this to your never ending list of things your supposed to do
but don't really have time for.

Benjamin Barber
"Calls to the US and Canada are free,.."
Does that mean I can call America for free from Australia?
Sweet! Thanks, we've been needing this feature in Hangouts.
+Phillip Burns it works from outside the US as well, but afaik only in hangouts. It´s not a proper Google Voice account.
How about Mobile/Tablet version?
Hola me encanta esta aplicasion es super la e disfrutado mucho 
Hola me encanta esta aplicasion es super la e disfrutado mucho 
We deaf indifiduals are not use to call due to hearing loss, text message as part of an alert would be appreciated in this field sir
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Does this spell the beginning of the end for Google Voice?
That's great job but if it would b free all over d world it would b great!!!! He he he

It would be awesome to be able to call in up to 9 numbers at the same time. The limit being based on the number of people in the Hangout. So if there are three of your friends in a hangout and another 2 of your friends are only accessible via a phone call, everyone gets in.
It must b free all over the universe if its possible!

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