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Not a guru, maven, ninja or rock star.

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This post was heavily inspired by #PHXStartupWeek and the panel I was lucky enough to be a part of. It contains contributions from my amazing panel mates and fellow #yesphx contributors Caitlin Waters, Anna Ebert and Kimberly Roland-Brady.

You’re a startup…

You don’t have enough time in the day, nor do you have the money to acquire what you think you REALLY need to make massive strides forward.

And you definitely do NOT have time to waste on silly social media platforms when you could be working on much more important development aspects of your product or service.

You may not realize it, but social media can actually help you SAVE time, is highly cost EFFICIENT, and can be EFFECTIVE. It could even be the difference in the success or failure of your venture. And we’re not talking about creating a Facebook or Twitter account to start marketing something that doesn’t quite exist yet…we’re talking about harnessing the power that these platforms provide to give you a leg up.

For the purposes of this series of posts, I’ve broken things down to three startup stages: Ideation, Validation, and Growth. We’ll start here with the first one…


“I have this AMAZING idea and I’m definitely not ready to publicize it to the masses. Why would I even CONSIDER wasting time on social media?”

Two big reasons:

CROWDSOURCING and RESEARCH: Does your idea exist already? If not…is there actual interest? As Tim Crown, CEO of Insight said in the opening night keynote panel at #PHXStartupWeek: “Can you sell it? Try selling your idea BEFORE you invest all the time into BUILDING it.”

Here are a few actionable ways to use social media to accomplish goals in this stage:

Facebook, and especially Groups, can be a huge help in culling and gauging interest in your idea. Join a FB group that’s related directly or indirectly to what you’re considering, OR even create your own that could be centered around your exact idea or just the theme in general. And without question you should join the #yesphx group if you’re in the Phoenix startup world, as the resources and help you will receive there is unmatched. Its also ok to ask friends and colleagues if they’d like to be a part of your newly created group too, just don’t add them without their permission.

[PRO TIP: Download the dedicated Groups app for iOS or Android to more easily and efficiently sort and view the important stuff]

Along these same lines is the value in joining Slack groups (which I do consider as being in the social media realm). And again I’ll use the example of our #yesphx Slack, which includes valuable channels focused on useful reading materials, asks, and local events for the startup community.

If you’re in the Phoenix area and interested in joining #yesphx on Slack…visit, scroll down to “Slack Community” then complete the type-form.

[PRO TIP: Here are some other worthwhile Slack groups to check out and consider joining…

DevOpsChat: Slack Community for 4,972 DevOps Professionals, and growing!

The VC Club: A group of VCs, angels, advisors, and founders discussing things like fundraising, market opportunities & trends, deal intelligence, sourcing & events, and investment theses/frameworks.

Designer Hangout : Join 8000+ UX designers and researchers from around the world to discuss user experience in the UX Slack community.

Launch: A community of like-minded entrepreneurs, designers, developers, & makers. #Launch is a place to collaborate, discuss new products, find work, get feedback, or even find a co-founder.]

Advanced Twitter Search is a vastly underutilized tool among the general user base, but has enormous power…

Who is tweeting questions or complaints in a city like Phoenix, and what are they saying? What types of comments are being tweeted TO certain companies (even competitors) that you could benefit from knowing? Use any of the search functions on this page to find all kinds of info to potentially help your efforts.

[PRO TIP: If you don’t feel comfortable using the fields shown above, check out the below image to find all the different ways to accomplish the same goals by typing search operators into the small Search bar in Twitter on desktop or the mobile app]

Twitter Chats are centered around a specific hashtag and usually happen at the same time on Twitter on a weekly basis. They can be AMAZING places for connecting with active users in a niche who might be interested in what you’re doing and in helping you succeed.

[PRO TIP: You can find a supremely comprehensive and up-to-date list of chats here on my buddy Brian Fanzo’s site.]
Are you a Snapchat user? Want to listen to some of the top minds and leaders in the startup world give out nuggets of knowledge? Check out and search under the category “startups”. They won’t all be winners but there are some great people to follow if you look for them.

[PRO TIP: Follow Justin Kan and Mark Suster on Snapchat…

Kan is a Y Combinator partner and created Justin.TV (which essentially became what we now know as Twitch, which was sold for nearly $1B). He has run entire pitch competitions on Snapchat.

Suster is an entrepreneur, angel investor and investment partner at Upfront Ventures. He’s known on Snapchat for his “snapstorms” (yes there’s a website for them!) and I highly recommend visiting that link, checking out his “Both Sides of the Table” blog AND following him on Snapchat.

Create a landing page using Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly etc. that includes a simple description and an email form that people can fill out to “find out more”. Copy and paste the Google Analytics tracking code AND a Facebook ad pixel to the site. Finally, create a basic content calendar and strategy as to when and where to post it, along with what to post in terms of copy and images (if you’re feeling really confident, make a video!).

These are just a couple of ways to benefit from using social media as a TOOL rather than as a marketing/advertising medium…there are a LOT more. If you have any additional methods, leave them in the comments below.

That’s all for part 1. The next installment, “The Validation Stage” to come.

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Facebook just made influencer marketing implementation a whole lot more viable on their platform. But first, a story on why we at BRANDish are so bullish on the new Live Contributors feature.

#facebook #influencers

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From the BRANDish blog, some things to keep an eye on in 2017.

#livestreaming #NotAGuru #2017

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Part 1 in a series featuring my personal list of podcasts that I see the most educational value from.

#podcast #marketing #NotAGuru

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We're at a crossroads of traditional news outlets' decline and the rise of social media as a reporting/news tool.

#snapchat #news #NotAGuru

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#yesphx 2.0 is live, and I'm proud to continue supporting everything that's happening in the incredibly generous startup ecosystem of Greater Phoenix. For those looking to learn more about the ecosystem or figure out how to get involved, there's now a much better answer to your questions.

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Any size brand can learn from this. If you're going to have social media presence for your company, it means you actually need to be present and take advantage of these types of absolutely golden opportunities because they just don't come around very often.

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Given the attention to online bullying and privacy, why in the world does Facebook think its a good idea to launch an app aimed at teens and their schools that includes NO privacy settings? So far, Lifestage isn't exactly blowing users' doors off either. It may have as short a shelf life as the other Snapchat "challengers" that FB has attempted.

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Happening tonight on Blab.....I get to talk with reality tv star Victor Antonio about his new show!

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