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Spotify invites FOR EVERYONE thanks to yours truly for SlashGear!!! No more trying to win or score a Spotify invite. Thanks to our special friend - Deanna, it's a easy as pie to get one. Feel free to reshare and pass this awesome news on to your friends, family, colleagues and even strangers.

Spotify is currently available in the U.S. by invitation only, but SlashGear asked us to set aside some of the very first invites for friends. All you need to do is enter your email address in the box to get an invite.
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Leo K
NM, I clicked on the link above and took care of it. Thanks for the link
Yes! Another Nguyen to add to my Nguyen circle!
No problem everyone. I'm here to serve your tech needs!!
Leo K
Or just click it, lol
+Pompo Bresciani We did have a contest but since we love spotify so much, we worked really hard with Spotify to bring invites to everyone.
Thank you, I got mine in two minutes flat!
Hey Vince is there an official SlashGear Google+ to follow, I found two. Or do we follow you?
Thanks, came through in just a few seconds
Thank you! heads over to the invite page