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hello...hello...anyone still here?
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I'm with ya buddy. Find myself using G+ less and less.
Why do I feel so guilty not being on g+ enough? Should I feel guilty? It's not like I'm hanging out on fb that often either...
Nope. Go on about your business. Just a ghost town here.
I got an email from g+ saying my pages qualified for verification...that was cool. I wonder how long it'll take for +SlashGear and +Android Community to get verified by Google.
SG and AC aren't already verified? Eww....
I find myself using G+ more and more.
There's lots going on here - you just have to look for whatever interests you and then circle whoever you find.
Well there you go, Google is guilting you into it by verifying you.
If you have content, you can make contact. If you have nothing to say, others may not speak to you either. If your branch is withering, water and fertilize it. You might be surprised what interesting feedback you can get back.

G+ works for me. I'm connected to thousands. My information stream flows strongly. This is a highly entertaining place. You could improve it for tech people. Make self-serving announcements, cleverly disguised to look like light, entertainment. :-)
+Vincent Nguyen even though you have been away the rest of the AC, SG team has been doing their part to stay active. I just figured you were on some much deserved R&R after all the travel and conferences you have been covering lately.
+Vincent Nguyen Precisely, they'll just keep nagging you until you get in here and clean up your circles.
GASP. cough cough Yeah.........still here........
Are you implying there is somewhere else to be?